A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder // I have discovered my favorite mystery ever

So, fun fact about April. I am a mystery addict. It might be a bit unhealthy, but I get waaay into mysteries when I read them. It is me and the mysteries forever trapped in a black hole of mysteries. And we all know that wouldn’t end well because the words “black hole of mysteries” even sounds scary.

Book: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

Author: Holly Jackson

Published May 2nd 2019 by Electric Monkey

Format: ebook

TW: statutory rape, murder, drug use, meddling kids, drug use, death of a pet, kidnapping

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Pip doesn’t believe that her little town is as perfect as it seems. Her unrest began with the disappearance of a teenage girl, Andi Bell. Her disappearance followed by the suicide of her alleged killer, Sal. The keyword in that sentence is the word alleged. Everyone keeps ignoring that tiny word that bears so much weight. The whole situation doesn’t sit well with her. Everyone thinks Sal is guilty. According to them, committing suicide is proof enough of his guilt. Pip decides she will find the truth one way or another. For her school project, she decides to research the cold case. She dives into the case head first but, soon she finds herself drowning in the secrets the town has to offer.

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Such 👏 Great 👏 Characters 👏 The way Ravi and Pip complimented each other made for a fantabulous murder team. They were able to work together through all the danger and questions and it made me so happy.

I was also refreshed that there were some hints of romance, but it is not the main focus. I hate authors try to shove romance down my throat. I was reading for the mystery, not the romance, so yay for that.

Pip felt real. She had problems, she didn’t always do the right thing, not everything worked out, but in the end, it was alright. She wasn’t perfect, or a walking robot, and I appreciated her character as a whole. And the way she solved the mystery was so easy to follow along. I was able to pick up on clues and understand Pip’s thought process.

Historically speaking, I am not a fan of booked with maps and charts and images and such. I don’t want to be on a treasure hunt to find the words or meanings. It is so much effort ugh

That being said, I thought it worked very well in this instance. It wasn’t confusing, it was compatible with my eBook and it was so well done. The images and logs supported the story and were easy to read. I was able to follow the story and Pip’s thought process easily. As we looked at Pip’s notes we could tell exactly what she was thinking. I think they really added to the story and the mystery.

I loved how Pip’s thought process is laid out. The necessary information is scattered about like little seeds of information. This insures that the answer doesn’t come out of left-field or being obvious either. We are able to get into Pip’s head and tell exactly what she is thinking and solve the mystery with her.

I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!! I know, I know, the number of times I said perfect and love in this review is borderline obnoxious but is also so true. So, sorry, not sorry 😉 It was suspenseful and filled with great characters. It was so twisty and one of my favorite mysteries ever.

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