This Or That Book Tag

Good day fellow bookworms! Today I am going to be doing the This Or That Book Tag. Thank you to the lovely Lilly @ Lilly’s Little Library for tagging me. If you haven’t go check out her blog! She writes some fab book reviews!

The Rules:

  • Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks)
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you!
  • Tag other people to do the tag and spread the love!

Reading on the couch or on the bed?

Couch all the way. How do people read on their beds?? I used to, but I had to set pillows behind my head and then stack them on my stomach so I could conformable lay and read. There was a ~process~ Now, I keep it simple and just sit and read on the couch.

Sweet or salty snacks while reading?

Bold of you to assume I can eat and read the same time. Ha! No. I have the focus abilities of a hamster. If I could, I would chose sweet. Ice cream, chocolate, need I go on??

Trilogies or Quartets?

Quartets. For the most part, I like diving into stories and worlds for as long as possible. But if it is going to be a quartet, I want a legit quartet, not just a stretched out trilogy.

First person or Third person POV?

First person! It just feels more personal. I like being in the character’s heads more. Sometimes 3rd person is done really well, but a lot of times I feel a bit detached from the story.

Night or Morning reader?

I do not have the ambition to wake up early. Mornings + April = INCOMPATIBLE. I am 100% a night reader.

Libraries or bookstores?

I actually go to the library waaay more than I go to the bookstore. I love going a browsing through all the books, especially the new release shelves. The best part (pre-Covid) is finding a quiet corner to chill out in and read.

Books that make you laugh or make you cry?

Books that make me cry are a force to be reckoned with. The feeling when you become so invested in the story that you feel an emotional connection to fictional characters is so powerful. When an author is able to emotional kill me like that, well, I think that makes a book really special.

Black or White book covers?

*looks at shelf and sees 80% black books* Sooo, I’m going to go with black books on this one.

Character driven or plot driven?

Character driven. If I don’t like the characters, then the entire book is a no for me. But if I don’t like the plot, really interesting characters can save it.

I tag…

Cherelle @ Cherelle the Bibliophile

Riddhi @ Whispering Stories

Rachel @ A Bookworm’s Paradise

No pressure to participate, only if you are interested 🙂

Semi-related: I love doing these so much. Thank you to all of the amazing bloggers who have tagged me to do them. I promise I’m going to do them, I’m just really behind right now.

Do you have a preferred reading spot? Are you one of the multitalented people who can read and eat at the same time???

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