A Heart So Fierce and Broken // Review

When I finished this book I’m pretty sure I scared all of my neighbors with my screeching. It was a solid book, but that ending?!? Excuse me, but how can Kemmerer write an ending like that and expect me to wait until the next book is released. No. I do not have the patience for that. Come back and give me answers!!!!

But we made it. I binged read a couple other series and ate too many peanut butter cups to pass the time, but we made it. Respect to the people who read this book when it was released and had to wait more than a month. Literally, how??

I will definitely be making a run to the library later today to grab the next book, but for now, how about I share my thoughts on a Heart So Fierce and Broken.

me dashing to the library to snatch a copy of A Vow So Bold and Deadly

Fair warning, spoilers for A Curse So Dark and Lonely are to follow. You have been warned. 

Book: A Heart So Fierce and Broken

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Published January 7th 2020 by Bloomsbury YA

Format: ebook

Trigger warnings: graphic violence, torture, murder, war themes, anxiety, mental illness

A Heart So Fierce and Broken went a totally different direction than I was expecting. I’m not complaining, it was just unexpected. I wish we would have heard from Harper and Rhen a bit more, because I spent a whole book becoming invested in their storylines and it felt kind of forgotten.

A Heart So Fierce and Broken kind of hopped right in, but it left me with some questions. At the end of A Curse So Dark and Lonely I thought that Harper was still unsure of her feelings. She wasn’t sure if the curse was broken with Lilith’s death, or if she did in fact love Rhen. But then she pulls up in chapter one of A Heart So Fierce and Broken and is like I can’t leave, I love him. I’m sorry, but when did that happen?? Did I miss something, or are we assuming this revelation happened off page?? 

I did not like Rhen in the last book. Well, he has been downgraded to the downright despise level. I feel like he kind of had a redemption arc of sorts when it came to stepping up and saving his kingdom, but I don’t want to go through this again. I’m just so done with him.

And the fact that Harper goes along with it. Where is the fiery spirit who stood up for herself in the last book??? I want her back.

Grey was so loyal to Rhen in A Curse So Dark and Lonely. There were some parts where I wanted him to think for himself for just a moment. Welp, Grey was thinking for himself in this book. I’m not sure his thought process was exactly fool proof, but he was thinking for himself.

Why are the only two options kill or be killed? Grey keeps talking about how he doesn’t want to be king, so what is he even fighting for?? Couldn’t either Rhen or Grey step down and avoid the whole civil war?

The last chapter was hands down the best part of the book. I am not ok. I have so many questions right now. How long has this been going on?? The whole time?? I NEED TO KNOW

A Heart So Fierce and Broken was an ok read. Before you go in, just cleanse your mind of all expectations and you should be fine. It felt like a lot of running and set up. It did get bonus points for that shocking ending, and I will be getting a copy of the next book as soon as humanly possible.

Have you read A Heart So Fierce and Broken?? What did you think of it??

20 thoughts on “A Heart So Fierce and Broken // Review

    Mind giving me a quick recap on the ending because I forgot what happened and really wanna read book 3
    Great review!

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    1. right??? I can’t deal with Rhen. WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE GO AWAY!!!!! in book one he was fine, but in this book. no. nope. no way.
      at the very end Lilith pulls up and she is like “did you agree to our deal, Rhen???” I mean we kind of assumed she was dead (which was a poor assumption because you should never assume someone is dead unless you see a cold, dead body AND CHECK THE PULSE) but she is alive. and making deals. and then Rhen actually agrees (I thought we learned this lesson the last time, but NO) in order to save Harper from some unknown danger. my question is how long has she been pulling the strings?? because I still won’t forgive Rhen for everything in this book, but at least I’ll understand a better. *ahhhhhhhhhhhh*
      anywayyyy I really want to read the next book haha

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      1. AAAH oh my gosh how did i completely forget that that happened? At least he’s doing it to save harper but also knowing Lilith, she’s just making it up…or it’s just, like, Grey’s army or whatever and she don’t need no saving from Grey and just like ajkcmowemlrg.

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            1. RIGHT?!?! grey has been your loyal friend and brother basically for years and years and years while MURDERED people when he went full beast mode each season. but now that he has magic you don’t trust him?!?! but lilith, the one who has tortured and cursed you, she is trustworthy. make it make sense rhen. seriously. make it make sense

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              1. I mean, knowing Lilith she’s put him under some sort of spell to not trust grey and to trust her which is just disappointing. Honestly, in my opinion, Lilith is TOO powerful. I get the fact that she has literally half of all mage magic whatever stuff and Grey doesn’t really know how to use his so that’s why he’s not very powerful but this girl….honestly, I rarely hate characters in books very much (unless they’re racist, sexist, homophobic or other things like that) but OH MY GOSH every time Lilith appears I get VERY ANGRY. She can make anyone do anything she wants, basically!

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                1. knowing lilith that seems probable. YES she is so powerful. like rhen and grey have tried to kill her multiple times, we had that death fake out at the end of the og, yet she is still here with her magic and mind games thriving. she is like this invincible villain and she never fails to infuriate me.
                  yesss occasionally i’ll dislike a character but the amount of rage i feel for lilith trumps it all. this girl tortured rhen and grey for who knows long and took pleasure in it. she takes joy in mind games and physical pain and has the AUDACITY TO KEEP COMING BACK. like ma’am, you’ve been killed… the game is over so sit down.

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