Monthly Wrap Ups

January Wrap Up

January is over! *celebratory tap dance*

I, April Lee, read a grand total of 1 book from my tbr this month. Seeing how the last few months I’ve read a grand total of 0 books from my tbr, we are going to take this small victory and call it a win. We do love being an extreme mood reader.

I also participated in the Hamilton Readathon hosted by the @asher_reads over on Instagram. I have not done many readathons in the past, but I had so much fun filling in the prompts based on my favorite Hamilton songs!

5 🌟 Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala

Dare I say, I’m dazzled??

3 🌟 People Like Us by Dana Mele

Regina George, a boarding school, and death

Buddy read with the lovely @booksofmagicandmystery

4 🌟 The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller

the chair *intensified screeching*

3 🌟 Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me by by Mariko Tamaki and  Rosemary Valero-O’Connell (Illustrations)

perfect for a quick read!

3 🌟 Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco

part 4 of Audrey Rose thinking using herself as bait is the only effective way to solve a murder

5 🌟 The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E Schwab

Me: I am emotionally prepared to handle this

V.E Schwab: lol no

4 🌟 All the Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson

HIGHLY recommend wow wow wow

This book (along with the rest of the Throne of Glass Series) has been removed from the wrap-up because the author is problematic. I will not be supporting Sarah J Maas in any way, shape, or form. I encourage you to inform yourself on the reasons for her being problematic and avoiding financially supporting her and her book in the future.

3 🌟 A Vow So Bold and Deadly by Brigid Kemmerer


  • I chopped 200 books from my tbr. I went through Goodreads and deleted every book where I couldn’t remember why I added it. I’m slowly whittling away at the book monstrosity that was once my tbr, but for now #feelingaccomplished
  • I dabbled in editing for the bookstagram this month. Most of the books I read are ebooks, and I got tired of the glare, so I edited some book covers onto the screen. I still can’t do it for physical books yet, but thats what we call progress
  • I wrote two discussion posts! It had been a long time, but I’m really proud of how they turned out!

Katie @ Whispering of Pages recommended some heartwarming and emotional books. Nothing beats a book that makes you stare into the void with tears dripping down your face, so I look forward to picking some of these up!

Marley @ Dragon on a Book wrote a discussion about bookish memes. They wrote a lovely discussion post with many points that I 100% agree with!

Jayati @ Just A Coffee Addicted Bibliophile reviewed These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong and created a playlist with major enemies-to-lover energy!

Riddhi @ Whispering Stories answered common bookish questions from Google! This is such a creative post!

Sara @ Words with Wings wrote a very interesting discussion post about if not posting negative reviews affects credibility. I never would have thought about this, but it was super interesting to hear her perspective!

  • Solid start to the second semester. It has been a bit of an adjustment with a new schedule and everything, but so far, so good.
  • 8 inches of snow. 8 inches.
  • The local library is reopening. I cannot wait to go and browse the shelves once again!
  • I watched the Mandalorian this month and I am obsessed.
I mean Baby Yoda is there, how could I not love it??
  • Catch up on your tags. Seriously. 
  • Write some book reviews. It has been a hot minute since I actually wrote a review (shoutout to my drafts folder for saving me). I need to rub my remaining two brain cells together and turn my notes into coherent thoughts. I know you can do it. 
  • Schedule your pins on Pinterest. This has been a goal for months, but I have yet to actually do it. I’m thinking if I make some templates on Canva, I might be more consistent?
  • Be bold and write another discussion post. I have a few ideas bouncing around that I’d love to actually write about.
  • Be even bolder and post 3 times a week??? Follow up question: what day should be magical day 3 be?? I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to consistently do this, but I’d like to try it out. Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t.
  • Reach 150 followers on the blog
  • Reach 1.4k followers on the bookstagram

And with that, we are going to call January a wrap!

How was your January? What is the favorite book you read? Least favorite? Anything else exciting happen?

42 thoughts on “January Wrap Up

  1. I’m so happy to hear you had a great reading month April!! But nooooo why are you sighing about Vow ahhh. I’m planning to start it tomorrow and I’ve looked at literally zero reviews so I can go in with an open mind…. but now I’m scared?? Help?? 😱

    Also, so glad you enjoyed The Shadows Between Us!! I read it a few months ago and my memory must really be horrible because I have no idea what chair you’re talking about πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    Great wrap-up!! Hope you have an even better February πŸ’–

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    1. i might have hyped up vow too much in my mind πŸ˜” i’m not going to say anything else but I hope you enjoy it! i can’t wait to hear your thoughts when you finish!!

      yesss it wasn’t at all what I expected, but I ended up loving it! oh haha the chair was just me being overly excited with Kallias giving Alessandra a seat at the head of the table because now i want a throne at the head of the table lol. and the fact that the chair is on the cover— icing on the cake πŸ˜‚

      thank you so much Abby! wishing you a fabulous February!

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  2. Me: reads a wrap up
    Me: Oh, that’s something I should add to my wrap up!
    The people who will read my wrap up (once I’ve finished that monster): PLEASE NO DO YOU WANT ME READING ALL DAY???
    Seriously, my wrap up is giant I feel bad for everyone reading it haha.
    You’re telling me
    You managed
    To read
    Sorry you didn’t enjoy Vow very much. I’m still very jealous you managed to get it already aaaah.
    Yay snow! Wow, 8 inches is a lot! Are you getting more this coming week? I heard there was a snow storm but then again I know nothing about it, I have no idea where it is right now or how far it’s gone nor do I know where you live…I just know that the storm is somewhere in the US *waves hands in general direction of a US map*
    Good luck on your goal to get 150 followers! I’m rooting for you and I think that you can do it!

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    1. haha aggressively long wrap ups for the win! wrap ups are some of my favorite posts to read so i’ll definitely tune in to read your really long wrap up lol (question: can it count towards my reading goal??)
      umm i might have?? once i started i couldn’t stop so kinda rolled with it haha. to be fair, i did skim multiple perspectives
      ahh it’s ok! i read it in like two days so it wasn’t THAT bad i just wanted more. i hope you’ll enjoy though!
      yea it has been snowing for the last 48 hours and will continue sporadically into the next week. good times.
      ahhh thank you so much! my fingers are crossed!

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      1. Yeah, I love reading wrap ups as well! I just feel like I’m going overboard on mine aaaah…well, we’ll see what people think when I publish it. This is also a wrap up where I ask for people’s advice a lot. (hmm…well it’s not on goodreads but if you have a personal reading goal outside of goodreads…I suppose it depends on how many words something needs for it to count? It’s currently at 2500 words exactly (I didn’t plan this I swear) but it’s going to get longer before I’m done)
        Haha lol. Well I’m glad you enjoyed them! I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews. I for one am probably not going to pick them up anytime soon but we’ll see.
        Oooh, I see. Yeah books that wrap up a series but leave you wanting more are annoying. It’s like they’re not finished?
        Wow, nice. Are you virtual for school and if so do you still get snow days or no?

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        1. 2500 words?!?!? dannng you weren’t kidding when you said aggressively long. the wrap up has taken a life of its own and is growing by the minute lol
          yes exactly! it left me wanting more rather than giving me the closure I was looking for.
          i’m in a hybrid version of in person and virtual, so they had all of the in person kids so virtual. it seems like snow days are a thing of the past which is a whole new kind of tragedy 😦

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          1. NO, NO I WAS NOT. I REGRET EVERYTHING. Lol, it’s true, it is. I’m, like, taking all the best parts from everyone else’s wrap up and then adding my own parts as well and it has exploded.
            I hate those books. (I also may be writing one of those books hehheh)
            Oooh I see. Darn that’s annoying. It seems that my city has taken to doing half days even if everyone’s virtual just to let people get outside in the snow, so they just say, ‘school ends 2.5 hours earlier’. That’s pretty nice and honestly I think it’s a good compromise.

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            1. well no one can say you don’t go hard with the wrap up lol
              it’s one of those situations where i kinda want another book but i kind of don’t… ahhhh i don’t know. oooh, are you now? so you like messing with people’s heartstrings then haha
              yea it kind of sucks that we can’t do snow days anymore. that does sound like a compromise. on regular days my school is doing something similar where we don’t start until 10 so our days are waaay shorter which is a win in my book.

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              1. *cracks knuckles* if anyone DARES–
                Yep, I understand completely.
                Ah, yes, it’s one of my favorite pastimes lol. Too bad I’ve yet to get past writing the first chapter of that darn thing. I already have the whole ending planned out (that’s a lie–I have a general idea and then I know what the last sentence is going to be).
                Uf yeah snow days are the best. Oh, that’s really nice. Usually we just do full snow days since my school district is sorta big and it’d probably be hard to plan that plus honestly I don’t trust a school bus on a snowy street even if it HAS been plowed.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. a general idea for the ending and a last sentence is basically half way there haha!! all it takes is an inkling of an idea for it to become a great story! out of curiosity: do you have many wip???
                  yesss they are. they give a good excuse to curl up under a blanket and ignore the outside world haha. ohh that makes sense. yea school buses have exactly no control in not icey environments, putting them on the icy roads (plow or now) is asking for a big yellow penguin sliding disaster!!!

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                  1. Whooo hoo!
                    Hmm. Well, I have two that I’m really working on (aka, when I can find time when I’m not doing school, reading or blogging). I finished the series I was working on this past summer but it’s not very polished…I’ve sorta pushed that one away though, it’s a pretty unoriginal book. So not really, just the two. One of which is sort of my ‘I’m mad at the world I wanna write queer girls playing baseball and fighting their sexist homophobe teammates’ book so it’s sort of just raw emotion and not actually a very good book so the only one I’m seriously working on is my little mermaid retelling. Which I for some reason cannot get started. And really need to.
                    Very true. Exactly. For some reason when I read that my first thought was something like, ‘and lots of blood too’ and I think being someone who writes fantasy is making me think weird things.

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                    1. wow! you finished an entire series— that’s really impressive. i can’t seem to find an idea to stick with long enough to finish, i just end up with a bunch of random scenes lol.
                      ooh queer girls playing baseball and fighting homophobic teammates… i vote yes! that sounds super interesting!! and a little mermaid retelling! well you can never go wrong with a good ole retelling!
                      fantasy writing is seeping into your mind *spooky sound effects*

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                    2. Thank you! I know, it was pretty hard to stick with something but I think having friends who were obsessed with the characters really helped since they kept begging for more. Other than that, it’s really hard to keep a single story idea going.
                      Haha yeah! Well, for now it’s only one queer girl…her friend and the only other girl on the team is homophobic and she got in a fight with her…but she’ll come around eventually. Yeah, I love retellings! (in fact I hope to do a discussion post on them this month if I ever get around to writing it) It’s my first time trying to write one so we’ll see how it goes! It’s…swerved away from the story quite a bit.
                      Ooooh my gosh I just finally published that wrap up thank goodness. aaaah apologies to all my readers for its lengthhhhh (3150 words WHYYYY).

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                    3. ooh that’s really great! i lack motivation so for now the scrappy outline and random scenes will have to do haha… someday though.
                      yessss retellings for the win!!! ooh i’ll be looking forward to reading it (if you end up writing it haha!!). best of luck in your discussion posting endeavors lol
                      omg i just read it and 3150 is— HOW ARE YOU ABLE STRING THAT MANY THOUGHTS TOGETHER AT ONCE!!?!? sorcery it is.

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                    4. Hey, I mean random scenes can be pretty cool. You could string them all together one day and see what you get! Ooh or you could publish a book that’s just random snippets of writing, just to see what people think haha…that’d be an original book. They could be like a bunch of writing prompts? I don’t know what I’m saying anymore.
                      Yay! I hope it’s the one discussion post I’m able to write this month…I already have an idea for all the posts I’m going to publish this month but now it’s just getting to writing them. Ack I never write posts beforehand it’s bad.
                      Haha I don’t know how I did it either. I think it’s because I’m only publishing 4 posts a month now so in my wrap up I’m like, ‘OH YEAH AND THIS AND THIS AND THIS HAPPENED.’

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  3. I am so looking forward to read ADiie and good to know I can’t prepare for it emotionally, I’m all over the place anyway lmao.
    I tired to write more discussion posts too this month and well, I guess it turned out okay?
    All the best for you goals! I hope you can achieve them! Also, hanks for sharing my post, I am glad you enjoyed the playlist!

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    1. ahhhhh Addie was so amazing. it was definitely slow at times, but the ending was pure perfection and I just sat there with silent tears dripping down my face. good times lol. I hope you’ll enjoy it!!
      no problem! the review and playlist got me even more hyped to read it!!
      happy reading πŸ™‚

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  4. ok OMG first off, how did you manage to chop off 200 BOOKS FROM YOUR TBR??!?! that is insane and you will forever be an inspiration to me because of it slkjdfkjf πŸ’– also yesyesyes i read it a while ago and was VERY disappointed by the lack of diversity, but i read it during the holidays, and basically binge-read all the books in a span of 2 weeks HAHA. i hope you accomplish all your goals and have an even better february!! πŸ’

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    1. haha I basically scrolled through my goodreads tbr and asked myself “do I remember what this book is about??” if the answer was no, it got chopped. it took waaay longer than I expected, but at least it is no longer at the obnoxious 500 that it once was.
      as soon as I read “lack of diversity” I knew exactly which series you were talking about… yea the it’s basically nonexistent. after seeing it all over bookstagram my curiosity got the best of me and I ended up reading it. binge reading in the span of two weeks?!?!? they are soooo long, literally how?!?!?
      thank you so much? happy reading : )

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  5. Wow. I’m just admiring you right now *big cat eyes* reading 200 books from your tbr? I wish I had the skills to finish mine! But congrats and all! And you’ve read The Shadows Between Us! I definitely loved reading it (;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh no I just deleted 200 books from my goodreads tbr! i wish i actually read 200 books from my tbr, instead i get distracted by the new releases lol
      yesss I really liked the shadows between us! not what i was expecting at all, but i loved it nonetheless!
      thank you for reading πŸ’™


  6. April you never fail to impress me with your wrap-ups because of the insane amount of books you read and 200 off from tbr? What a dream come true haha! I loved your description fo Addie LaRue, very apt and my heart still aches at that ending! Lovely wrap up and wishing you an incredible February too!

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  7. It looks like you’ve had a very successful reading month, good for you!! I’ve been trying to get through the Throne of Glass series for a while now; the last one I read was Queen of Shadows, which I really enjoyed, but for some reason I have not been able to get around to Empire of Storms. Seeing you get through pretty much the entire series in a single month might be the motivation I need though ahahah.

    Lovely post, and I’m wishing you a great reading month in February as well! ❀

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  8. wow, that was such a long, wholesome and exciting wrap up. I can’t even think about the fact that you removed 200 books from your tbr, that is so wow, I couldn’t even remove 1, not even if I tried. Also, 8 inches of snow sounds like a dream.. it doesn’t snow where I live *cries in ugly* I feel accomplished that I found your blog, I love the variety of posts you’ve put out, and I hope you reach 150 followers soon! You deserve it!<3


    1. ahhh thank you so much!! ahaha yea it was an unmanaged beast of a thing (no one needs 500+ books on their tbr ahhhhhh) so I just sat down and chopped off any book I didn’t remember why I added it!!! I’m not a snow gal myself, but once in a while it’s pretty nice! it’s so pretty when it falls!!! ahhh I’m so you decided to drop by!! thank you so much for reading and happy reading!!!1

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      1. oof, I genuinely have like 1000+ books on my tbr and i don’t have the patience to even go through it; I’m sure I’ve added quite a few books I’ve read- the list is just so chaotic, I cant-.. I love snow so much- all the aesthetic snow-falling pictures make me so jealous, like, I should be there too ahhhhhhhhhhh

        Your blog is really, really pretty, and you seem like such a nice person, I absolutely had to follow!!!😌

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