The Shadows Between Us // Review

I pick up books for three reasons.

  1. Recommendations- I have all you lovely bookworms to thank for the endless recommendations and the even more endless tbr
  2. Pretty covers- I like pretty things, ok?
  3. Browsing the shelves- I always browse the ebooks or the library with a book in mind, yet I always come out with a small gaggle of books
  4. Summary- honestly this is the rarest reason out of the bunch… the amount of times I’ve picked up books having absolutely no clue what they were about is far too many
  5. Tropes- every time the words enemies-to-lovers or fake dating are uttered, I pick that book up so fast.
  6. Pirates, witches, or dragons- *excited screeching*

Ok, maybe that was more than 3 reasons, but 3 is a much rounder number than 6 so I went with it. Lucky number 5 was the winner for The Shadows Between Us. I went into this book excepting a knife wielding, banter filled, enemies-to-lovers romance. But that is not what I got.

Instead I got an absolutely delightful book filled with mind games, balls (and stunning gowns), and two slightly terrifying main characters. It managed to exceed every single expectation I had.

Book: The Shadows Between Us

Author: Tricia Levenseller

Published February 25th 2020 by Feiwel and Friends

Format: physical book

Trigger warnings: physical violence, murder, death 

“They’ve never found the body of the first and only boy who broke my heart. And they never will.” 

Annnd we hit the gates running. There is nothing like an opening lines about murdering people. That is most certainly one way to grab my attention. From the very first moment, to the very last The Shadows Between Us help my attention. It was fast paced and totally binge worthy.

The writing also facilitated the fast pace. It kept things moving and the story chugging along. That and Alessandra skimming every single letter she got.

Alessandra honestly scares me. She has a clever tongue and a killer sense of style, and that’s all she needs to get noticed. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sword fight, but never underestimate the power of some good old mind games.

Our girl Alessandra does not mess around when it comes to those. I absolutely adore how she is such a badass without swinging a sword at everyone who gets in her way (except for that one time she murdered her ex, but that was once… we don’t talk about that). She shows that you can be fierce, powerful, and power-hungry without slicing and dicing everyone in your path. And we love that. 

I was told this was a hardcore enemies-to-lovers where they were trying to kill each other. But where???? When I hear hardcore enimes-to-lovers I am expecting tension. I am expecting banter. And I am definitely expecting lots of threats and knife weilding!!

But this wasn’t it. I find it hard to call it enemies-to-lovers when one person has no idea that they are enemies in the first place. I’d probably call it more of a fake courtship, with a slow build of trust, to friends-to-lovers with an underlying scheme to kill one party involved. I’m not complaining, I ended up really loving it, but it was definitely unexpected

This book is definitely romance heavy, but I absolutely loved it. I mean, the symbolism and the trust of the chair *intensified screeching.* If someone got me a throne for the head of the table I would swoon so hard. I will now accept nothing less. And then that letter at the end… byeeeee

THAT ENDING!! I did not see that coming. WHAT?! If you look back, you can see the set up, but wow wow wow. The ending is everything I wanted it to be. 

Featuring lots of romance, gifting of chairs, and gorgeous imagery of ball gowns, The Shadows Between Us is a fast paced read perfect for a dreary afternoon! I had a blast reading this!

What reasons do you pick up a book for? Have you read The Shadows Between Us? What did you think?

23 thoughts on “The Shadows Between Us // Review

        1. yea selfish characters can be really annoying. like y’all are supposed to be the hero here, so can you focus on someone other than yourself.

          sometimes morally grey characters can be done well, but it definitely takes a while to warm up to them. it’s less of a like them and more of a respect them haha

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  1. I love the way you wrote this review! It was incredibly funny and I LOVE enemies to lovers and fake dating with my entire soul; I will read anything with these tropes 😂 Definitely adding it to my TBR!! 🥰

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