Eclipsed! // Mini Reviews of The Selection, Late To The Party, and One of Us Is Next

Oy! April had a boatload of reviews in her drafts. So, so, sooooooo many. Enter Eclipsed! Mini Reviews (yes, with an exclamation point). Am I going to full nine miles with this moon/star/nighttime theme in the title? Yes. Yes I am. I’m not entirely sold yet so, hit me with your finest moon puns.

The writing is rough. The descriptions are bland and the word choice is plain and repetitive. I’m sorry, but since when is thin, but not too thin an acceptable description?? (hint: it’s not!)

And the dialogue. It is the equivalent of a stale cracker. There is no personality that shines through, everyone sounds the same. Is this supposed to make me like the characters the more because right now all I’m thinking is how terrible dull they are. 

And don’t even get me started on the characters. America gives off major I’m-not-like-other-girls vibes and I am done with it. Girl, if you don’t SIT DOWN and stop hating on everyone. I guess we are supposed to like America, but no one except the love triangle trio are even remotely developed.

Cody’s lamenting about teendom* was hecka relatable until the 18th internal monologue about it. Luckily, it was toned down for the rest of the book.

The friend drama between Codi, Maritza, and JaKory was so petty. Honestly don’t even understand why they were friends to begin with, they all seemed to lowkey resent each other.

The connection between Rick and Codi was super cool. Watching them became friends was one of the best parts of the book. That and Codi and Lydia who were so freaking cute ahhh

*the amount of times I was autocorrected to tendon… I’m going to throw something arg

I am a big fan of McManus, but this was my least favorite of her books. The characters are what made One of Us is Lying so dynamic. I was hoping to see more of them in this book, but that was not the case. Instead we got a whole new batch of characters that I didn’t feel as invested in. They were all interesting enough, but didn’t live up to my expectations.

Everything felt so dramatic. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it was a lot at once.

Alrighty then, that’s it for today! I didn’t have enough thoughts to combine into full blown reviews, so the mini reviews worked out pretty well. I have lot’s more notes just waiting to be turned into full sentences, so do let me know if mini reviews are a go!

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them??

17 thoughts on “Eclipsed! // Mini Reviews of The Selection, Late To The Party, and One of Us Is Next

  1. Ooh, I’m curious to see your actual ratings on these! Like, I sorta get the feel for what you’re thinking about with each review but theres always some good and some bad things pointed out in reviews so it would be cool to see the star rating. But maybe you intended for that not to be there for a reason.
    Aah, sorry you didn’t enjoy One of Us Is Next as much, I agree that it definitely wasn’t as good as One of Us is Lying but I hope that you still enjoyed it!
    Hmmm….moon puns…honestly, I really like ‘eclipsed!’ But you could do ‘crescent moon reviews’ since they’re not full reviews…. or, like ‘half moon reviews’…yeah, I don’t know many moon puns, these are terrible haha.

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    1. haha no that was me being lazy lol. i’ll be sure to include them in the next go (for reference: selection 1, late to the party 3.5, one of is next 3)

      oh yea i def did! i read it in one sitting, it just didn’t live up the hype of the original which i lovedddd

      ahaha crescent moon reviews— love it!! i mean most puns are bad which is what makes them good sooo

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      1. Haha okay, just wondering! Cool!
        Yeah, I get that. I love books set in the same place as before but if you’re going to make it from a new character/characters POV at least make them a sorta central character in the first book. At least Maeve (thats her name right?) was in book 1 but knox and aaah whats her name phoebe? werent there at all.

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  2. I loved the mini reviews and of course the title ahh! I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy The Selection… it seems like everyone either straight on does not enjoy or loves it a lot haha… after the love triangle and the I’m not like other girls vibe you mentioned, I’m becoming increasingly hesitant about picking it up now haha… thank you for the reviews, April!! 💖


    1. ahh thank you so much Cherelle! yea there really seems to be no in between with The Selection, either you love it or you hate it. sadly, I landed firmly on the hate side eek. it is very much a generic 2012 dystopia (I’m sure you know the type), but it is fluffy so I can see why some people like it. thank you so much for reading!!!


  3. I really liked reading this!! I tried to like the Selection, but when America goes literally all ‘which one do I chose?’ Over the two boys I just had it. Just get over one of them already! 😂 I really need to read Late to the Party!!


    1. haha it was such a guilty pleasure read for me. I actively hated it, but was lowkey invested the whole time eeeek. ahhh I hope you’ll like late to the party when you get to it— it is such a fun summery read focused on friendship!! one of us is next was solid, mainly my expectations destroyed me (what else is new ugh). happy reading!!!

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