Eclipsed! // Mini Reviews of Cemetery Boys, Only Mostly Devastated, and I Wanna Be Where You Are

Oy! Recently (as in the last three days or so) I’ve been on a bit of a contemporary and romance binge. There’s nothing like good ole rom-coms to fill your cynical heart with a smidgen of fluffy joy. Most recently:

  • Follow Your Arrow by Jessica Verdi
  • The Falling in Love Montage by Ciara Smyth
  • Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales

I also have I Love You So Mochi on hold from the library (thanks to Saniya’s lovely list… check that out here!) but I’m on the lookout for more. I’m specifically on the hunt for queer rom-coms, but honestly I’m desperate for fluff of any kind. I have scoured the internet (I should have saved the rec lists when I had the chance eek) so any reccomendations to feed my current rom-com addiction would be greatly appreciated : )

Alright, enough about my need for fluff. Welcome back to Eclipsed! Mini reviews. Let’s hop right in!

The relationship between Maritza and Yadriel is absolutely golden. They are so supportive of each other and I’m here for it.

Julian is so chill with being dead. Like sir, should your concern be your skateboard right now??? Like you’re dead??? I don’t know, he took it surprisingly well. I also really enjoyed the voice throughout this book. Even though it was told mainly from Yadriel’s perspective, but all of the side characters had really distinct voice in their dialogue.

The magic system is 10/10. It was super interesting, but also easy to understand at the same time. 

4🌟Overall, if you are looking for a fast-paced fantasy standalone, Cemetery Boys might be worth checking out.

Ollie is a hilarious POV. His inner monologues were so fresh and relatable. The voice and the humor that shines through in ever page really makes this book special. And he speaks the truth about Frozen and milkshakes being the perfect recipe for wallowing.

Some people in this book (not pointing fingers *cough* Lara *cough*) just jab at people 24/7 and it is so aggressive. How do you call yourself a good friend when you have the absolute audacity to say THAT?!? I really enjoyed a lot of the friendship and character growth that happened throughout the book, but I couldn’t help but scratch my head at some of their actions.

The characters in this book were far from perfect, but that is what made them special. They all learned over the course of the book and that development was one of my favorite things to see.

3.5🌟Overall, this is a really cute rom-com inspired by Grease. It definitely tops my all-time favorite list and is worth checking out if you need a good laugh!

Let us take a moment to marvel in the glory that is that cover, shall we???

The friendship between Reina and Chloe was so strong. They supported each other through everything and I am here for it. Strong friendships are my favorite things to see and Forest 100% delivered.

Books with road trips are always so fast paced and fun and I Wanna Be Where You Are is no exception. I read the ebook version within a few hours, but I could easily see myself listening to an audiobook version (idk if there is one??) as well.

3🌟Overall, this was a quick paced and fun read. Especially as we enter the spring season (at least where I live), it might be the perfect contemporary to give a whirl.

And with that, we are going to call these mini reviews a wrap. As I’m still a rookie in the mini review field, any tips to make them better would be greatly appreciated (shoutout to the people who asked me to include star ratings last time!!). Wax off!

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them??

28 thoughts on “Eclipsed! // Mini Reviews of Cemetery Boys, Only Mostly Devastated, and I Wanna Be Where You Are

  1. I love these mini reviews!! They’re so fun to read through 😄
    I’ve read Only Mostly Devastated and really enjoyed that book too. I totally understand your opinion of Lara, although I ended liking her a lot in the end because I though that she developed quite a bit.
    I cannot wait to read Perfect on Paper! Also, I hope you loved The Falling In Love Montage – it’s one of my favourite books of all time 🙂


    1. thank you so much!! yess love Only Mostly Devastated! yess she had really great character development, I’ll give you that! it was really cool to see how much she grew by the end!!

      omg perfect on paper was even better (in my humble opinion). I personally liked the premise a little bit better and the voice, characters, and humor were all on point! I do hope you’ll enjoy! and yessss the falling in love montage was so good! I loved the dry humor and the fact that they were recreating iconic rom-com moments! such a great read!!!

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  2. I totally agree that Cemetery Boys was an awesome book and yessss I loved Yadriel and Maritza’s relationship. I read Only Mostly Devestated a while ago (by which I mean like 8 months ago but my brain can’t remember what happens in a book I read two weeks ago) so I don’t remember much of it but I did enjoy it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, same! I mean, I was practically hyping it up BEFORE I READ IT because I was so excited lol. Ah, I read Lost in the Neverwoods a few weeks ago and it just…wasn’t as good, which I was very sad about… I hope that you enjoy it though!
        *high fives back* (very random, but could one shorten ‘high five’ into just ‘hive’ because I almost wrote that accidentally haha)

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I really hope you do! It was interesting at least as a retelling since I don’t know the story of Peter Pan! (apologies if I’m just repeating what I said before, I’m honestly just going off memory of what I said in my last comment because I’m way too tired to go actually check what I wrote)

            AYE!!! (granted, I was the one who suggested it in the first place, but I’m still saying aye)


  3. I haven’t actually read any of these so thank you for sharing, April! So glad to see that they’re all pretty good reads, 3 stars and above! ✨ The friendship in I Wanna Be Where You Are sounds incredible and oooh a road trip? I’ll definitely be picking this one up! 🤗 Lovely post! 💗


  4. AHHH ALL THESE BOOKS ARE SO GOOD! I’ve wanted to read cemetery boys literally for so long and the falling in love montage is one of my favourite books. I read only mostly devastated really recently and totally agree with everything you said. Ollie is one of my new favourite characters and his inner monologues were so funny. I originally hated Lara’s character idea because it’s something I really hate in media, but she did have a decent character development eventually. Here’s my review!🏳%EF%B8%8F%E2%80%8D🌈-mini-pride-reviews-only-mostly-devastated-and-wilder-girls-🏳%EF%B8%8F%E2%80%8D🌈/


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