33 Thoughts I Had While Reading Pride and Prejudice // review (well… sort of)

There are a lot of things that scare me in life. In no particular order:

  • People who prefer vanilla to chocolate (sorry, but natural selection is coming for you)
  • Watching the slicing and dicing on any medical TV show (but murder, for some unknown reason, is not nearly as terrifying)
  • Birds (seriously, their beady little eyes can see straight into your soul)
  • Classics (so. many. big. words.) 

But on this fine day, I was brave. I valiantly faced off with one of my fears and began reading a classic romance that has like eight-billion movie remakes: Pride and Prejudice. It’s old, which means big words, so this was a task that required lots of mental heavy lifting. Wild, I know. I wasn’t alone in this conquest to read P&P. No, I was joined by the one and only Rose @booksofmagicandmystery in this momentous big-word-battle (and buddy read!).

Instead of a traditional review, I’ve decided to do a more deconstructed sandwich version. Partly because I have no idea how to even construct a sandwich as fancy as P&P and partially because I thought it would be cool to do a behind the scenes version of Phase I of my reviewing process. There will be absolutely no structure to this, and I cannot guarantee that they are coherent thoughts, but we are going with it.

Anyway. Here are 33 Thoughts I Had While Reading Pride and Prejudice. I tried to cut out any big spoilers, but there might be some out of context events or minor spoilers. Proceed with caution.

Pride and Prejudice

Book: Pride and Prejudice

Author: Jane Austen

Format: ebook

First Published January 28th 1813

trigger warnings

sexism, classism

  1. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that I am an uncultured dingbat who didn’t realize where this iconic line can from. Some one redact my nerd license please.
  2. sir that was cold if not aggressive
  3. y’all were pretty quick to hop in and judge
  4. ok is this 3rd person omniscient or what is going on with the head hopping???
  5. I have never seen so many : and ; in my life, my English teacher would be proud
  6. so what I’m hearing is Collins has daddy issues
  7. and also is inheriting the estate???
  8. wait is he talking about Lizzy? or one of the other eight-billion Miss Bennets??
  9. update: ok he was talking about jane
  10. update update: no he wasn’t. it’s too early in the morning to consume big words.
  11. mr collins is giving off but I’m a nice guy, why don’t they like me energy
  12. wick is all shade
  13. wait are lizzy and mr collins related?? i’m so confused
    • I lowkey want to google a family tree but i also don’t want to find out ~information~
  14. man doesn’t understand the word no
  15. mrs bennet is so dramatic
  16. “adieu to my attention and spleen” UM WHAT??
  17. i like the contrast between Lizzy and Charlotte’s views on marriage. Lizzy seems to represent following your heart and all that sappy love stuff, whereas Charlotte is more what society expects of a young woman.
  18. now i really want to watch the movie
    • ok i checked and it’s no longer on netflix : (
  19. hey! it’s easter in their timeline too! pretty snazzy!
  20. ok so in A Taste For Love by Jennifer Yen, Grace is Jane. it’s a bit late to be making this connection, but it’s fine. don’t mind me gaining a deeper appreciation for the retelling component of that book.
  22. where did this come from???
  23. lizzy pulling all the guys
  24. eloquently said snark >>>
  25. lizzy thinks about darcy too much for it still to be hate
  26. that letter was aggressively long, but also ~answers~
  27. man just did a quick personality change. i didn’t realize places took returns on those???
  29. ok so she is checking out the housekeepers… that’s basically old fashioned insta-stalking, right??
  30. am i missing part of the book?
  31. i feel like i missed something…
    • update: after the buddy read it seems like there was a) a freak accident that caused both of us to be missing part of the book or b) there was no part to be missed in the first place
  32. either i’m really confused or that was anticlimactic
  33. and nowwwww i will be googling the family tree

I’m really not sure how to feel about this one. It was solid, and I’m glad I read it, but it wasn’t revolutionary for me. Honestly I was told this was the overlord of enemies-to-lover romance, but it just didn’t live up to that expectation. Maybe with a reread I can appreciate some more elements of the story instead of using all my brain cells just to sort of follow along.

Have you read Pride and Prejudice? What did you think?

34 thoughts on “33 Thoughts I Had While Reading Pride and Prejudice // review (well… sort of)

  1. So sorry u didn’t like this one 😦 it’s one of my all time favs. But I think the reason it’s famous is not because it’s the ‘overlord of enemies to lovers’ or even overhyped. It’s well loved because it’s the first book to use that trope. The first book that kinda introduced the popular ‘enemies to lovers’ trope to the book community and actually pulled it off without making the male protagonist an anti-hero, unlike other classics. It was great reading your thoughts! I had forgotten quite a few things …but ur post reminded me of that. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had so much fun reading this post!! I’m not a very big fan of classics either, especially Pride and Prejudice. And I swear to god, every classic I open, the first page has like twenty big words I’ve never heard of before. Of course, I loved the romance (come on, it was enemies-to-lovers), but it also just bored me to death. Loved reading your thoughts, April!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahh thank you so much!! yes, i def think a reread would make the world of difference for me because it would be less understanding and more absorbing. hope you’ll enjoy Jane Austen’s other books if you get to them!! happy reading : )


  3. AHHHH I loved reading your reactions, April! We had a lot of the same reactions lol…still not sure what happened at the end of the book, I’m still convinced my copy was missing pages somehow. Nonetheless, I am glad we embarked on that big-word-battle together, it was quite a wild ride.

    Also I’m so sad the movie isn’t on Netflix still I wanted to watch it 😭😭

    Anyhow, now we can brag that we’ve read P&P! Along with the magic cookies, “have you read P&P??” is an essential part of any good conversation.


  4. Ahhh I loved reading your reactions, April! This was such a fun post. I feel like we had a lot of the same reactions…I’m still convinced someone stole pages out of my copy 🤔

    I’m so sad the movie isn’t on Netflix either anymore 😭😭

    Also “the one and only Rose” makes me feel very special 💕

    Great post!! I’m glad we ventured on that big-word-battle together. MAGIC COOKIES!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahaha thank you! honestly there was so much chaos going on in my mind and in our discussion that trying to form a ~coherent~ review seemed pretty impossible so i just went for it with a hodgepodge of thoughts lol. RIGHT? it just ended… like what??? maybe the humanoid mayo orchestrated the heist of the century and took the last 30 pages out of both our books.

      truly a tragedy. i planned on watching it over the weekend and it just… wasn’t there *pain*

      had to give major props to fellow buddy reader and master of profound thoughts : )

      ahh thank you! me too! quite an ~experience~ MAGIC COOKIES


  5. This was a funny post! I mean, I love P & P, and maybe took a little offense to you not liking it (haha!) but I quite enjoyed this post! It was like one of those Youtube videos where someone takes scenes from a movie and adds the characters thoughts during that scene in little words by their head. Haha! Sucks that you didn’t like it, you might like it better after watching the movie. The movie can make it easier to grasp the romance-arc. Also, the 2005 movie…not the “eight-billion (other) movies”. 😉 Nice review-ish…kinda, thing! You should do these kind of reviews more often.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahaha thank you! yesss i really do think i’ll have a bit of a deeper appreciation after watching the 2005 movie, but i’m still glad i read it nonetheless. omg you’re completely right, it is kind of like that lol. thank you so much for reading! yesss i loves doing this so i might need to do another one sometime! happy reading : )

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  6. Ah yes classics, I’m no fan of them and I did try Pride and Prejudice once but only to DNF it at page 5… 😅 but congrats on conquering it… sorry to hear that it wasn’t for you, but your sentiments and comments were definitely both interesting and humorous to read, thank you for sharing April! 😆

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    1. as much as i want to read classics sometimes, i have to say they just aren’t for me. im sorry you didn’t enjoy it. yea i probs would have bailed if it weren’t a buddy read but that added an extra ounce of motivation, so yes, at last i conquered it! ahaha thank you so much Cherelle! happy reading!

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  7. I actually like classics but I must admit I read P&P with extreme difficulty. Maybe everything would make sense when I read it for the second time, but I don’t have much energy to do that right now😅 the 2005 movie was awesome, though!

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  8. APRIL HAHA I LOVE YOUR POSTS! I have to read this for school so I’ll be starting it soon, but I actually have my doubts if I’ll really love it? Either way, great post, it made me laugh a lot, lol!
    also, I can’t help but make this joke but…if you’re scared of birds, what about me??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHH THANK YOU SO MUCH BIRDIE!! oof, personally i think school sucks the joy out of reading certain books, but fingers crossed that you’ll enjoy! ahhh thank you, it makes me so happy to hear that! as long as you don’t have somewhat creepy bird eyes that stare into souls or flappy wings, i think you’re in the clear ha.

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  9. I’m soooo glad there’s someone other than me who hates classics. There’re are too many big words, too many clothes (breeches, corsets, petticoats, and god knows what else. How do they remember to wear all these??) and way too many Mr, Miss and Mrs. It takes a lot of concentration to be on track and to know who is who.
    I totally disagree not liking birds. Except for crows, all birds are sweet. It’s crows that appear to be peeping into your soul. And they are unnervingly black. *shudders*
    Great post April! I love it 🙂


    1. yea, typically they just aren’t my cup of tea! ahaha literally tho, people back then wore a bigger assortment of clothes than Have in. my whole closet lol. soo much thinking, I’d rather just chill with some dragons tbh
      ok ok. yea for me, it’s not just crows peeping into your soul… it’s all of them *double shutter*
      thank you so much and happy reading!!

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