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Replacing Snakes On YA Book Covers With Milo the Goat // idk what this is

I was on tiktok in ungodly hours of the night a few days ago, as one does, when I stumbled across a video talking about how birds were the token animal of young adult fiction. And sure, there are some bird titles. But I have a counter offer… snakes. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it. But I didn’t let snakes slither into my every thought and moved on with my life.

And then, in completely unrealted events, I watched Shadow and Bone. And in true April fashion I became obsessed. Rewatching, rereading, reading fanfiction, Pinteresting in the search of fanart, the whole shebang.

Hold on, stay with me on this chaotic thought train because I promoise I’m getting to the point. I then thought to myself, HMM maybe I could combine my love for Milo the Goat and this random nugget of inspiration I had?? Just slap Milo on every snake-related YA book in sight and call it a day? Sounds fun, right?

Anyway. May I Present To You, Replacing Snakes On Young Adult Book Covers With Milo the Goat.Β There are no spoilers for the show in this post, just me randomly squacking about a goat.

Serpent & Dove… Milo & Dove

Milo and Lou would be best friends and I cannot be convinced otherwise

Girl, Serpent, Torn… Girl, Milo, Thorn

I will admit, I found the beginning of this one to be a bit slow. Maybe if Milo pulled up, it would bring that needed zazz.

The Ballad of the Songbirds and Snakes… The Ballad of the Songbirds and Milo

Milo would win the Hunger Games. Sorry, but I will not be taking arguments at this time.

The Queen of Nothing… The Queen Milo


Siege and Storm… Siege and Milo

Milo and Nikolai could carry this book together

I literally do not know what this post is, but I hope y’all found these as funny as I did. I’m pretty sure I lost braincells during the creation of this post, but also so so so much fun. So it balances out. Sort of. A part two is most likely in the future.

Have you watched Shadow and Bone? What did you think? Who was your favorite character? Favorite parts??


57 thoughts on “Replacing Snakes On YA Book Covers With Milo the Goat // idk what this is

  1. BAHAHAHAHA THIS POST — The Ballad of Songbirds and Milo totally sent me omg πŸ€£πŸ’€ I haven’t watched the show yet (trying to exercise self-control until AP exams are over) but even I know that Milo is the best character. He deserves this post and more 😘

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  2. Oh God April what have you done O_o
    I just couldn’t start laughing and the covers kept on getting funnier somehow πŸ˜‰
    Great post, hope your brain cells are doing okay, mine sure as hell aren’t

    Liked by 1 person

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