June TBR

Oy! Happy Sunday!

Wait. Actually it is Wednesday. It is the second day of summer and time has already taken off running leaving me confused and clueless as to what day it is. Whoops.

I’m not normally one for making a tbr. Wait, let me rephrase that… I’m not one for sticking to my tbr. I do enjoy making them. Something about compiling a bunch of books in a list and then gazing longingly at them as you read other books is just good for the soul, you know?

*intense screaming*

Words cannot even begin to describe how much I love Red, White and Royal Blue. All of those ridiculous, vibrant, beautiful characters own my soul. If One Last Stop is even half as good, I don’t think I will be able to emotionally recover.

The current wait at the library is 8 month (EIGHT MONTHS FKFCJSDKF) and I think my soul is dying a little bit. Soo I preordered a copy (for the first time ever eee). Hopefully it comes soon, but according to the tracker I’ve obsessively been checking I still have a couple days.

I’m still going to preemptive warning before it comes in. If I’m gone for however long it takes to read the book plus however long it takes to scrape my melted glob of a self off the floor, that’s why.

I’m a simple girl. I see sapphic fake-dating and the book goes on the tbr.

We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This got added to the tbr for two golden reasons:

  1. I have a purple-ish pink color scheme going on with this tbr and I’d like the keep the theme alive and kicking
  2. Rachel Lynn Solomon owns my heart after Today, Tonight, Tomorrow

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Alice Oseman’s books. I really really need to dive into the Heartstopper series, but library holds take foreverrrr. I do have a copy of Loveless arrive in the mail soon that I’m hyped to dive into.

I am weak for retellings. So when I heard of this Secret Garden contemporary fantasy I knew I had to read it asap. Plant magic? Yes. I was going to ask another question, but that is literally all I know about it lol.

The Henna Wars was my last read of 2020 and hands down one of the most memorable. So imagine by excitement when Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating was released!

Not to mention the fact that there is sapphic fake dating and sunshine and grumpy dynamic! Plus the advice columns Jaigirdar ran during the last three weeks got me super hyped to read it!! I haven’t even read a page but I love Ishu already.

Queer pop band reunites? Fandom? Friendship? Sign me up.

Drama and movie magic.

Um yea, that is basically it. I’m not that great at explaining why I want to read stuff, I just go hmmm the cover looks nice and I like the vibes. Really, that’s it.


How many of these will I actually read? That, I do not know. If I had to guess I’d wager 3/10. If I’m feeling lucky. And that’s on being a mood reader extraordinaire.

Have you read any of these? What did you think? What books are you looking forward to in June?? Which are at the top of the tbr??

43 thoughts on “June TBR

  1. Ahhh love this!! I’m actually writing my review for We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This right now, and ugh, what a whirlwind of emotions. I can’t wait for you to read it!! I Think I Love You is on my TBR too hehe, and ooo congrats on the One Last Stop pre-order. I’d love to hear you thoughts on it! Love the purple vibe, it’s just the best color lol.


    1. ahh thank you so much Saniya!! ahhh I’m partly nervous and party excited eee!!! ooo nice! it just looks so cute I can’t wait to dive in! it is very exciting, it came in and ITS PERSONALISED AND SIGNED. I need nothing more from life, I am on top of the world. ahaha truly, I am a big fan of the grape-ish cooler scheme as a whole (basically green and purple haha)

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  2. Agree completely with the love of making TBR lists, but not always sticking to them. I only read In Deeper Waters from this list and have almost all the others on my TBR. I’m not sure I’ll get to any of them in June, but hopefully at least within the next few months. Good luck sticking to the list and reading them all. 😀


    1. it has barely been a week and I am already so off track. it’s a problem tbh. ooo what did you think of in deeper waters?? the premise sounds so interesting, I’m really excited to start it!!! yesss hopefully soon and hopefully you’ll love them!! ahaha thank you, happy reading to you as well : )


  3. Oh my gosh, Loveless is soooooooo good!!! I hope you really enjoy it!!! And by the way, you can read Heartstopper on the webtoons website, which is what I’ve been doing.
    Arghhh, I feel like I need to read more fake dating books, given that I’m trying to write one right now (me abandoning all my other WIPs once I get one tiny good idea for a book that has basically no plot or anything so far). I read two in May (MCD and SDMC) but given that they were both semi disappointing I want to read some more! Wow, 2021 seems like the year for fake dating.


    1. ahh I’m so excited to read it!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! I READ THE FIRST TWO A COUPLE NIGHTS AGO AND YOU’RE TELLING ME I WAITED MONTHS WHILE THEY WERE ON THE INTERNET???? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS I’M GONNA CRY. but also thank you for bestowing this information upon me, you are my new favourite. I am eternally grateful I’m going to go binge read some more of them hehehehehehe
      I love fake dating books so so SO much. ooo that’s so exciting!! I literally do that all the time, it’s such a problem. I have an idea, I write like 4k words and then I ditch it. I never get very far into projects eek. ahh it’s literally one of my favourite tropes ever, and I’m always on the lookout for more ahaha!! truly, it is

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      1. aaaaaah I honestly thought it was common knowledge but you’re the second person I’ve told this in like a week haha…well…now you know? I’m sorry you had to wait so long! I hope you really enjoy them! I also binged them, in like two days, and I enjoyed them but honestly not as much as I thought I would. It is really good like Nick and Charlie have some important conversations which is nice.
        Yah I think my two last month were actually my first two ever, but I should totally read some more! Hani and Ishu’s guide is like at the top of my tbr, it sounds soooo good. Yep, exactly, and now I’ve started writing realistic fiction, too, and I’m…terrible at it and keep getting writer’s block but I also keep writing it….ah.


        1. umm yea I had no idea. I waited so many months at the library for them oop. I’m wondering if the fourth one is on webtoons, I’ll have to go check it out!! reading them literally made me so happy. I appreciated how they had important conversations and how they are both such lovable dorks.
          ooo welcome to the wondrous world of fake dating! it’s a blast over here : ) it truly is. I mean I’m only like 30% but I would already sell my soul for Ishu sooo
          ooo that’s so exciting!! I hope you’ll be able to overcome the writers block! I’m sure whatever you come up with will be brilliant!

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          1. I think they’re on webtoons up until, like, what she’s written to? Like, Alice Oseman updates on there 3 times a month and I think it’s as she writes them. Haha they totally are loveable dorks lol. I wish we got more with their friends, though. I love their friendgroup and we do see them sometimes but I just want mooooore. What can I say, I absolutely LOVE good friendgroups in books.
            Haha, good to know! Aaaaaaah I need to remember to request that from the library immediately, I keep forgetting! Thank you! Yeah I don’t even know if it’s writer’s block, it’s just…I can’t figure out what to write….okay fine that sounds a whole lot like writer’s block. Hmph.


            1. ahaha I took it upon myself to read up to date! I literally would have had no idea, so thank you so much for saying something!!! I liked the third one a lot for that reason!! the whole group together was such a fun dynamic and made for such memorable and chaotic scenes haha. friend groups in books are the absolute best, idk something about the energy they bring, makes them SO GOOD. I would literally just read random scenes of the friend group from heartstoppers lol
              hmm maybe writers block adjacent?? or some other equally catchy name for it?? idk but fingers crossed you are able to write your way out : )

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              1. Haha yah I def did that as well. She posts three times a month so that’s something to look forward too! I KNOW yes I’d totally read a book that’s just compiled scenes from the friend group oh my gosh.
                Haha yes maybe. Thank you!


  4. Ahh I put loveless in my June tbr and I just finished it and I’m in love with it…I hope you get around to reading it this month because it’s super good! I havent read the other books yet but I’m getting around to reading the Henna wars. Haha love the purple/pink/blue colour scheme you had going in there!


    1. yay I’m so glad to hear that!! I just finished heartstoppers and I’ve made it my personal mission to read all of Oseman’s books, including loveless! I’m obsessed with their writing style and the charm that they bring to every project!! ooo the henna wars is such a good one!! I do hope you’ll like it! ahaha I didn’t even realise I had the colour scheme going until I had compiled the list so I was like, welp might as well embrace is lol. happy reading : )

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  5. Loved your TBR, but the best part of this post was definitely the ‘there’s something about compiling a bunch of books in a list and then gazing longingly at them as you read other books is just good for the soul, you know?’ because there is. 😉 XD ❤


  6. omg one last stop is SO good – i know you’ll love it! i also have an ARC of love & other natural disasters that i’m thinking of reading soon! we can’t keep meeting like this sounds perfect – and i LOVE heartstopper so much, so i hope you have fun reading loveless! hani & ishu’s guide to fake dating is also super high on my tbr! also just a disclaimer – but in deeper waters isn’t really about pirates! there are a few scenes with pirates but it’s more about a prince at sea haha! it’s still really fun, and SOFT 🥺 so i hope you enjoy reading it! have a lovely june 💞💞


    1. ahhh I’m so excited!! I have such high hopes!! ooo I’m waiting for my hold to come in and I’m super excited!! and yes we can’t keep meeting like this was perfect in every way! 10/10 enjoyed!! heartstoppers is AMAZING, seriously, what was I doing with my life before I read it??? can’t wait to read loveless as well!! hani and Ishu’s guide to fake dating was golden as well!! did not disappoint in the slightest!! ok ok, thank you for mentioning that! I will shift my expectations a bit! still so excited to read it!! hope you have a great June as well!

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  7. i love this tbr so much!! I really hope you enjoy we can’t keep meeting like this because it literally SO GOOD (there’s also an amazing cameo that you’ll love ahhh!) I have hani and ishu’s guide to fake dating on my tbr and I can’t wait to read it!! (do you want to buddy read it? it’s totally okay if you don’t!) I hope you have an amazing reading month!!


    1. ahh thank you so much!! ahh I’m literally so excited to dive into it, my expectations are through the roof at the moment. ooo and a cameo *cue intense squealing*
      omg that would have been so much fun. I might have gotten a bit excited and read it all in one night. but if there is ever another book you’d be interested in buddy reading, I’m always down : )
      happy reading and I hope June is amazing for you : )

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      1. ahhhh yes I’m so excited for you to read it!! you have to tell me what you thought of it (especially the cameo!). oh yeah I started it yesterday too so that’s okay! hmm not as of now but let me know if you have any! maybe we can buddy read that!


        1. I might have read it all in one night…
          I WAS SCREAMING!! I literally loved the cameo (and the entire book so much!). the humor, the banter, the characters (even when they were being so very oblivious) EVERYTHING!! SO GOOD!!! sounds good! I’m def feeling the contemporary vibes, but very flexible : )

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          1. OMG I KNOW!!! It was so good!!! (ikr they were so oblivious!) yes exactly! I completely agree! their banter was on point! also, I’m planning to read the jasmine throne and these violent delight soon so let me know if you want to read that together!


    1. right?? its fun even if I never end up sticking to it lol. I just found out the other day!! it sounds so good and I hope to get to it as soon as possible!! hehe, pirates indeed. I’m already loving the few I’ve gotten to and have my fingers crossed on the rest!! happy reading, Cherelle!!

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  8. Great TBR! I love so many of these – especially Hani and Ishu’s guide to fake dating and a lot of these are on my TBR! Hope you enjoy them!


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