How obsessed with books am I actually?? // bookish quiz + feedback requested

There is a fairly good chance some people, maybe, would call my lovely reading hobby an obsession. Why on earth would people say that?? It’s beyond me. It’s like like I binge read multiple books a week. Or smell books as soon as they arrive in the mail. And please, I’m not one of those super nerdy people who blogs about books or anything.

Oh. Wait.

But who am I to classify it as an obsession? Pfft, I hardly have the authority for such a grand proclamation.

Enter Buzzfeed, the most all-knowing, reliable, and trustworthy site of all time (tied with Wikipedia, obvi). Only an entity as mighty as Buzzfeed can officially declare my hobby a full fledged obsession. I rest my fate (or at least the official declaration of a reading obsession) in the hands of the How Obsessed With Books Are You Actually? Buzzfeed quiz.

Before we hop in, I wanted to shout out Susana @ Susana Loves Books. I originally saw her do this quiz and it was that post that inspired me to do my own! For anyone interested in taking the quiz themselves, you can check it out here.

I also had a bit of an ask for all you lovely people out there. Bettering my blog and my content has always been a continuous effort of mine. In order to help do this, I was hoping to get some feedback from all you. I created a survey that can be found here. Answer as few or as many of the questions as works for you, leave your name or don’t, anything you’d be willing to give me is of much help. Thank y’all so much, I’d be ever appreciative.

Ok, ok. Let’s do the quiz now.

Question 1

At the moment I have most of my physical books all on a cart. They fit on there pretty neatly and I have rainbow shelves going on, so that’s pretty cool. The top shelf is dedicated to library books, so sometimes it gets a bit messy and I end up with random towers of library books all over my room. But at the end of the day, I’d classify my shelf (or cart, whatever you want to call it) as both neat and little.

Hey! Do you want to see my shelves?? I might have a more recent picture up on my instagram to be completely honest, but this is one from a month or so ago. Look how pretty the flowers and the fairy lights are!!!

Question 2

*nervous chuckle*

Well, um, currently I’m at 85???

Question 3

Well I wouldn’t say reading past 3am is a habit… *she says as if she hasn’t been up past 3am reading/blogging every night this week*

Question 4

All. the. time. Even during the time in the last year when the library has been closed down for safety reasons, I would go to the drive up window to pick up books or check out ebooks almost on the daily. I love my local library so much it’s not even funny.

Question 5

I don’t know if they are technically called book clubs, but I am in groups that are collectively reading books?? Actually, yea, that is exactly what a book club is.

Question 6

I would get lost in a bookshop so quick. Wandering around, smelling the books, finding some corner to read in. Sounds absolutely glorious. Combined with the fact that I have absolutely no concept of time and wa-la! Probably the entire day it is.

Question 7

I’ve actually never done this before. I don’t own that many books in general (yay for ebooks!), so I can’t imagine buying a special edition or a second copy of a book unless it was a sell-my-soul level kind of love for the book.

Question 8

118% yes. Always.

Question 9

I mean, not super regular like going to the library, but every few months I’ll go to the bookstore. I like to make it a bit of an event when I go. Wear the cute outfit (yes, with a bucket hat), get my tea, carry around my cute bag. All of the above. And get books, of course.

Question 10

I’ll prop up my reading device or book and read while reading, no problemo. I always like to be doing something while I’m reading, otherwise I feel really restless. Whether it be walking, rocking in my rocking chair, watching a movie, or listening to music, something else needs to be going on or I end up feeling like a jumpy cricket.

Question 11

I feel really lame when I say I’ve done exactly none of these things. See, if I was in a teen rom-com I would be doing all of them, but alas, I am not. The only “party” I’ve been to are family gatherings. And I always keep at least three ebooks downloaded on my phone at all time, you know, in case of emergencies (or when family members try to make small talk eek).

Question 12

Books have totally changed my life. My favourites help me discover parts of myself, transport me to different words, and give me a sliver of a character’s world. At the risk of being extraordinarily cheesy, it’s magical.

The Buzzfeed gods have spoken. Thank you and goodnight.

What percent book obsessed are you?? Do we share any of the same bookish habits??


42 thoughts on “How obsessed with books am I actually?? // bookish quiz + feedback requested

  1. The Buzzfeed gods are usually okay, but since one of them told me that I should quote ‘pick up a book sometime’ because I don’t exactly read (Screw you Buzzfeed quiz, I read 200 books last year) I’ve had lesser faith in them…
    Awesome post though! I’ve been tagged for this one too, and I’m hoping to do it soon! ❀


  2. Lol i love this! I just did it and got 45% which is kind of weird?? It was so cool to see your answers. 85 books??? wow. i read that much in like 6 years. You’re truly on another level. Surprisingly, I don’t sniff books. Dk why tho. πŸ™‚ Lovely post April! ❀


  3. Haha me too, the only “parties” I’ve gone to are the family gatheringsπŸ˜…πŸ˜… and small talk is the absolute worst! Also your bookshelf is so pretty😍


  4. I played this quiz once upon a time πŸ‘€ and now I don’t remember my results πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… but April thankx for sharing! And that subtle flex when u say u stay awake almost every night well past 3 haha and omg!! Ur bookshelf is soo pretty ❀️✨ my bookshelves don’t have a lot of space so it’s like stacked all over to make them fit. And same here! Always have ebooks in my phone for emergency πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ahaha fair enough!! at least my bad habits are good for something lol! ahh thank you so much!! yea I currently have a bunch of stacks of books everywhere because they don’t all fit on the shelf ahhh. yes, always got to have those ebooks. never know when you might need to whip it out and avoid awkward small talk lol


  5. This was fun to read over! I probably match up with most of these as well. We live in a pretty rural area so probably the only thing was visiting an actual bookstore, which I don’t get to do very often, but when I AM able to visit one, it’s a multi-hour adventure! πŸ™‚


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