A Vow So Bold and Deadly // a chaotic review

Do you ever start writing a review and then it sits in your draft folder for months and months and months like a forgotten sock under your bed?? Until one day, you are doing an electronic spring cleaning of sorts (but in summer) and you find the sock once again. Only now it is moldy, gross, and begging for attention.

The moldy sock (aka draft folder review) in question is of A Vow So Bold and Deadly. One of my most anticipated releases of the year, I was really looking forward to diving into the story. I even read it during release week and everything. And then I was disappointed.

So I did what any person would do: recorded all my thoughts in a semi-ranting review and shoved it under my metaphorical bed so I could dissociate with all the negativity for a while. Welp I found the sock and it’s bothering me, so I guess that means it’s time to face it head on and actually post the review.

Keep in mind this entire thing is really half baked. It is a hybrid between thoughts I had while reading and a review and has absolutely no logical flow. I could have edited it into a more traditional review, but with artifacts such as these I find that they are better left untouched.

Book: A Vow So Bold and Deadly

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Published January 26th 2021 by Bloomsbury YA

Format: ebook

Content Warnings

Violence, Death, Torture, Chronic Illness, Suicide Mention, War Themes, Murder, PTSD

Ok, let’s do this. NOTE: I am spoiling the hell out of A Heart So Fierce and Broken. And the End of A Curse So Dark and Lonely. There are NO MAJOR spoilers for A Vow So Bold and Deadly. Proceed with caution.


*cue Jeopardy theme music*

I anxiously counted down the days until this book was released. I waited and waited. And screamed about having to wait. Y’all listened to me scream about waiting for this book. And after all of that waiting, the moment of truth finally comes, I open the book and the first line is about the weather. THE WEATHER?? Are you serious right now? Literally no one cares about the weather unless it is in awkward small talk. Seriously whyyyyyyyy

So yeah, this book and I did not get off on the right foot. Right off the bat I was irritated by the lack of answers (patience is not my cup of tea). I had so many questions and wanted answers BUT NOOOOOOO

Questions in question: (use the little toggle triangle tapper to see the questions, book 2 spoilers)

How long Lilith had been in the picture? 

Did she force Rhen to torutre Grey?

 Was she back at her mind manipulating ways?

 What was her role in everything??

The basic takeaway here is that the ending of A Heart So Fierce and Broken had me shook. I wanted to know more. I thought this book would have the answers. But no, I didn’t get answers until page 90. PAGE 90!!!!!!!!! no no no no no no no


the knife queen herself 💙

I was questioning Harper’s life choices when she stayed by Rhen’s side in the last book, but her pettiness towards him in this book is the only thing making it enjoyable right now. At least she is stewing in her poor life choices.

I love how Harper sees Lilith and does the only rational thing: chucks a knife at her. And then when Lilith threatens her some more, Harper deadass says “oh great another scar.” Yesss this is the Harper we had been missing. 

I have come to the conclusion that Harper is the best part of this book.


If Rhen and Grey sat down and had a civilized and honest conversation, I honestly believe there would have been no war. Grey should have told Rhen about being the heir right off the bat. Rhen should NOT have tortured Grey. But their stupid pride *sigh* ugh men

Rhen and Grey both talk about how much they miss each other and wish they could go to the others for advice, yet they are still going to war??? Communicate you toeless pandas.


April rambles some more

Lilith slaughtered every one oh my god


Lilith is just too powerful. 

Oh wait

y’all I literally was saying this a book ago, get with the program

no no no no no no no

Lilith is demon spawn and I stand by that


I tolerated Lia Mara in the last book, mostly because the entire plot was slow and a bit boring, but compared to the other perspectives and things going on here, she has become even more boring. Seriously, how do you make two assasination attempts sound bland??

Her entire personality is wanting to be a kind ruler. Which yes, that’s great, but can you try to be a little interesting for like two minutes. I love what her character is going for, but the execution isn’t it. I guess I was hoping for a bit more character development beyond her arc about leadership in the last book.


a real life representation of the amount of storylines being juggled

There was too much being juggled at once and it didn’t work. I wish it would have been the war storyline (more like talking about a war but whatever) or the Lilith storyline. There was so much going on at once and I think focus on one instead of juggling both would have made this a more enjoyable read.

And the four perspectives did not work for me. I wanted to skip Lia Mara’s perspective, and honestly Grey’s too. I was far more invested in the Lilith storyline (because A Curse so Dark and Lonely got me emotionally invested, whereas the war storyline in A Heart So Fierce and Broken was newly introduced and just… there.)

This book was… nice. There was so much happening and so much potential and it just didn’t live up to it. I wanted so much more, there was so much more right there, but it didn’t really deliver. Also I very much disliked the full circle ending. No, just no.

There are parts of this book I enjoyed reading (namely Harper) but there were also a ton of parts that infuriated me to no end. Ultimately, I think A Vow So Bold and Deadly bit off more than it could chew and then opted to tie it all off with a bow ending. It give some people the closure they were looking for, but it didn’t work for me.

Have you read A Vow So Bold and Deadly? What did you think of it? Who was your favourite character?

8 thoughts on “A Vow So Bold and Deadly // a chaotic review

  1. Aaaaah I was really frustrated by this one too. I totally agree with you I just ugh. ugh ugh ugh. lol those are my thoughts there ya go. (also literally one of the first book reviews I ever wrote is still sitting in my draft folder haha…I don’t think I’m ever gonna post it).


    1. IM GLAD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE AGG!!! like the end was so ugh. because the second book relied so heavily on miscommunication that basically nothing happened and then it dragged even more in this book like whyyyy. and it was solved by love??? again??? nooooo. I feel like your ugh ugh ugh assessment is very accurate indeed.
      oh my I’m sure that is a ~treat~ I have a dozen reviews I wrote before I ever created this blog and they are the most stale and horrific things to ever grace my eye balls. they will never see the light of day.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know…I mean even book 2 was kinda meh, but better than this one. Book one was just the best one! And I honestly do not find all the war planning things very entertaining, I like the adventure and stuff more.
        Haha yeah I haven’t even looked at it and probably never well. Gosh, I just looked back at a review I wrote AND PUBLISHED in JANUARY and I was literally cringing while reading it the entire time. I was honestly terrified I ever wrote reviews like that. I’ll have to up my review game (though, on that note, I haven’t actually written a book review since January…)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. agreed book 1 was my fave! honestly would have been ok if this series was a standalone. right?? like somethings it’s good if there is tension and intrigue, but too much talking and it’s a snooze fest.
          ouch that hurts. i’m sure it’s not as bad as you’re thinking??? hopefully?? i literally cannot go back and read my old stuff, it makes me cringe so hard. at least improvement since then?? oop well more confidence in your review writing abilities at least??

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yah, exactly! Argh I hate when authors take standalones and make them into non-standalones…just leave it a standalone!!! Like, ACSDAL is totally a book where it finishes the main conflict just fine but then they add this OTHER little conflict onto the end just so that there can be a whole series.
            Haha no it’s way to cringey oh my gosh.


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