Books as Weird Things I’ve Been Told in the Drive Thru

I am convinced that I do my best thinking at the drive thru.

As you lovely folk may or may not know, I work at an ice cream shop during ice cream season. Primarily I work at the drive thru register, taking orders, serving ice cream, and enduring far to many crabby people.

Of all the places for brilliance to strike, it is always there. Do I have time to jot down my story idea or new theory for my current read?? No. No I do not. Yet my brain decides to pelt these dodge balls of brilliance at me during these hours and these hours only.

Today’s (well actually last night, but I got distracted) dodge ball of brilliance (and I use that word lightly) comes in the form of weird customer experiences. Let me tell ya, customer service is an ~experience~ and not necessarily in a good way. I’ve had plenty of interesting encounters and lots of weird things said to me. So of course my bookish brain went straight to hmmm let’s compare these to books!

Welcome to Booked Till Midnight and today we are counting down our picks for the top 5 weirdest things I’ve been told at the drive thru (but with books). Ignoring that sucky title, let’s hop in.

Do you sell gallon sized shakes??

No sir, we do not. Could I interest you in a take home pint or quart? No, you want a shake. Ok, well I could give you multiple 16oz shakes that equal three gallons worth of shake, will that work?

Apparently, it did work. Don’t ask me why this man needed 3 gallons of chocolate shake. It boggles my mind to this day.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo made me want to cry a (gallon sized) bucket of tears. Evelyn is a largely unlikeable character, but by the end I was so emotionally wrecked and invested in her story. I don’t know how or when it happened, but wow it did.

F*cking Communist

Let me tell ya, being called this for not having lemon ice cream was not the peak of my drive thru experience. In my first ever week of work, no less. The amount of stress this encounter created… not fun.

The second hand anxiety caused by Nova sneaking around places and me hoping that she doesn’t get caught in Archenemies is fairly close on the stress-o-meter. Not really that close, but fairly if you really squint. I don’t know, there is just something about characters sneaking around, with the possibility of getting caught any moment, that really freaks me out.

Fa la la la la, a s’mores sundae (aka singing the order)

Confession: this one hasn’t happened to me. I work with one of my best friends and it actually happened to her. Shoutout to her for helping me brainstorm for this list!

The comparison on this one is going to be pretty straight forward. Customer sings aggressively long order, Noteworthy has singing. I mean, its basically the a cappella book of dreams soo the comparison sort of makes itself.


It’s always the creepy old men. Always.

Like winking on its own, fine it’s weird, but I can handle. It’s the winking and being called darling or whatever that really makes me feel scuzzy on the inside. Nope nope nope.

I am convinced that no real life human can pull off a wink. Thomas Cresswell on the other hand?? That man can make sarcastic comments and wink at me all he’d like.

(I would also be ok with anyone from the KoS Duology. But that is where I cap the list)

Have you ever considered becoming a flight attendant??

I cannot say that I have considered becoming a flight attendant?? But thanks?? I think???

For some reason, I get a variation of this comment a lot?? Radio persona, actor, podcaster, and of course, flight attendant. People claim that I have a very positive and nice voice. I don’t know, but this is a strangely common comment. I’ll take it.

Soo bare with me for a hot sec while we hop on this logic train (or is it a plane??). Nice voice = Flight attendant = travel = books about travel = A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow. Wa la!

It’s funny how as soon as I had the idea for this list, basically every weird experience I’ve had just took a hop skip and a jump out of my mind. I am willing to bet that as soon as I publish this post, ideas and memories will come flooding in. Just you wait, I might need to do a part two once that happens lol. But until then, I’m calling this post a wrap!

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?? Do you work in customer service?? What are some of your weirdest experiences???


44 thoughts on “Books as Weird Things I’ve Been Told in the Drive Thru

  1. I showed this to a friend and we are currently dying of laughter over FaceTime. This is such an amazing post πŸ˜‚. I really want to read A Cuban Girl’s Guide To Tea And Tomorrow


    b) Oh my gosh this is making me crack up. I laughed so hard at this post, I really had no idea the things that people said to employees at ice cream shop drive throughs. This was such a fun post! And I can totally relate to having second-hand anxiety to people sneaking around in books. Honestly, people breaking the rules ANYTIME terrifies me, I have ALWAYS gotten stressed out that they’re gonna get caught. Ever since I was a little kid (I think my parents have told me stories of me like crying and hiding my head in a pillow when someone from some TV show would sneak around breaking the rules?).


      b) ayyyy so glad to hear it haha. oh yea, we get a wild bunch. and literally all the employees are teenagers and people are just… really obnoxious honestly.
      RIGHT???? ITS SO STRESSFUL!!!!! even though I know most of the time they won’t get caught, it still stresses me the hell out. oh my, I feel that pain. I always got scared during beauty and the beast when belle was exploring the caste in the part she wasn’t supposed to it was SCARY AH

      Liked by 1 person

      1. a) AAAAAAAAAh. But how much of the ice cream do you really eat, is the question.
        b) Yeah, that’s rough. People seem to be obnoxious in general, no matter where they are.
        I know I knowwwww that sort of stuff gives me the most anxiety in any movie, no matter what else happens. That’s the most anxiety-inducing. Ha I haven’t watched beauty and the beast in a long time but that seems like something belle would do lol.


  3. ahhh this post was so funny, please, i can’t stop laughing omg!! askdsjsdkfjdsf i’m jealous that you get to work at an ice-cream drive through, and all your customers sound like they are total moods hahaha. also WHY are you a communist if you don’t have lemon ice-cream :’)


    1. ahh thank you so much!! for real though. like it took me off guard a little bit, but I’ll roll with it. honestly my voice and my earrings are always god tier compliments lol. yesss it totally is! omg main character energy is literally all I aspire to thank you so much for saying that, you totally just made my day. thank you and happy reading : )

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Omg April this post was too good lol, it left me cackling my head off while also feeling such sympathy for you that you have to deal with all the ~interesting~ people out there. I’m deeply intrigued by why someone would need three gallons of chocolate shake. And also why are you a communist if you don’t have lemon ice cream??? Tbh I don’t think I’ve ever even SEEN lemon ice cream…isn’t lemon more of a sorbet flavor?? You’re the ice cream expert here so tell me if I’m wrong lol. Thanks for such a fun post!!


    1. yes! glad to hear you cackled your head off (though hopefully it’s still attached to the rest of your body??? I would feel terrible if this post accidentally detached your head…) ah yes, the sympathy is much appreciated. I— I don’t even know why. like three gallons is SO MUCH SHAKE??? I don’t even want to know why honestly lol. I mean it mostly is a sorbet flavour, but occasionally we will have it as a ice cream. now that I think about it, the place I work is the only place I know where it is not a sorbet. wow thank you for introducing me to such big and deep thoughts. thank YOU for reading ❀


  5. Ugh, yes, the old guy creeps get so under my skin I feel sick sometimes!! I can’t believe they called you a communist!!! Wow…someone needs to use their brain…that is horrid, not to mention they added a “nice, fun” swear word to the mix. I’m sorry have to deal with people so much. Jk…but not completely. πŸ˜‰


  6. OMG, this post is absolutely hilarious!! 🀣🀣 I literally can’t stop laughing. I actually don’t mind the idea of gallon-sized shakes, though… They taste so good! **cries in lactose intolerant**


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