Mid Year Freakout Tag!! // eh time

I know I’m a bit late to the whole mid-year thing (seeing how the actual midpoint of the year passed like a week and a half ago) but I wanted to do this tag, so here we are. We are just going to ignore the existence of time and say I was busy with summer courses and call it a day. Ok? Ok.


Since I’m going to be diving into some more stats and whatnot I just want to stress that you are not defined by the number of books you read. You are valid and worthy as a reader, no matter how many books you read or in what medium you consume them. I know it’s so easy to compare yourself to everyones stats, but as long as you are enjoying what you read it doesn’t really matter how much you read. With that in mind, let’s hop right in.

I think that 2020 will be my all time peak of reading. Like ever. That being said, I still am having a really great year. I’ve read 108 books and completed my reading goal! And then I decided to up it to 144. I was debating between 144 and 204, but when Goodreads told me I was only one book ahead of schedule for 204 that scared me. I can not handle that sort of stress so I went low, with the possibility of upping it later this year,

I’m feeling pretty strong about the quality of books I’ve read this year, with an average rating of 3.8. Over the course of the past year, I feel like I’ve gotten a much better grip on my personal reading tastes and preferences. I am more selective on what I pick up, which I think is a leading factor for overall bookish enjoyment.

Anything above a 3 star review means I enjoyed the book. Since I’ve only had a total of 3 reads with less than a three star review, I consider that a win. 

I tried being fancy with the colour coordination on the charts, but I just got really bored of doing it after one so the rest are going to be the default colours lol.

Fantasy was going strong with a heavy majority until May rolled around. Then romcom/contemporary seasons started for me and I haven’t looked back. It’ll probably even back out as the fall comes around, but yea it’s not much of a surprise that contemporary is majorly in the lead.

Yep, this does not surprise me in the least. 


Does this really surprise anyone?? Between here and bookstagram, I feel like I never shut up about this book. Perfect on Paper by Sophie Gonzales came into my life at the perfect time and owns my soul. Everything about it — from the humor to the messy but loveable characters — stole my heart. I’m obsessed, truly, it’s brilliant. 


I haven’t actually read that many sequels this year??? I don’t know, it’s mostly been standalones.

But Fable? Jewel of my heart, diamond of my pirate obsession? Yep. That one. Fair to say I had some high hopes.

And while Namesake by Adrienne Young was a bit different than it’s predecessor, it still slaps. I am obsessed with the schemes and betrayal and literally everything about this book.



I know, I know I said I’d read Love and Other Natural Disasters by Misa Sugiura back in June, but I really do suck at following my tbr. I hope to get to it by the end of the year though, so that should count for something!


These. Plus a bunch of other ones.


The Stalking Jack the Ripper series went downhill after the first book. This was so absurdly mediocre and I could not bring myself to care about anything happening in Capturing the Devil by Kerri Maniscalco.

I mean fine, we got a bit of closure, but I was desperate for crumbs after book 3 and anything would have worked.But the more I think about this book the more it frustrates me. It could have been so much more, but it just wasn’t.


Graphic novels aren’t really my cup of tea. I dabbled in a few that some friends recommended in the beginning of the year, but the amount I have read is really limited.

But finally, finally, I decided to pick up the Heartstopper Series by Alice Oseman. These books are literally joy in book form. They have stolen my entire heart and I love every character with every ounce of my soul (but especially Darcy and Nellie lol).

Since first picking up the series, Heartstopper has earned a spot bookmarked on my phone (for reading convenience) and on the top of my 2021 list. These books made me feel so many feelings all while balancing important topics.

Everyone said it was brilliant, so I don’t know why I’m so surprised. But also, woah. IT IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!


Ciara Smyth is hilarious. When reading realistic fiction, having great humor and voice will automatically put you in my good graces. And boy did Smyth deliver on those fronts.

I loved her debut The Falling in Love Montage, but I loved Not My Problem even more. The snark, the characters, the everything is so cleverly crafted. I will be picking up everything Smyth writes from here on forward.


In this case, we are counting underrated as number of ratings on Goodreads. Off the Record by Camryn Garrett currently has 473 ratings, which is a literal crime because this book is SO GOOD.

Full Disclosure is also amazing, but I think I liked Off the Record even better. The characters and the story need to be heard. Go read it.


17.3% of the books I’ve read this year have been rereads. Which honestly, isn’t a ton compared to normal. Though I am currently rereading the Shatter Me series, so that percentage is about to change quite a bit. Seeing how there is a billion of those books soo.


Oh god, too many. I counted and the current count is at 16. Keep in mind, some of these were happy tears. I’m not sure if that helps or not. Wow I seriously didn’t realise I cried this much while reading…

But yeah Solitare, Radio Silence, and the all the volumes of Heartstooper by Alice Oseman probably caused the most liquid emotion. Alice Oseman really knows how to emotionally destroy me.


I read Be Dazzled by Ryan La Sala in January, and it was the perfect slice of (mostly) happiness to bring me out of the winter months. Thinking of the book and it’s characters now still brings such a smile to my face.


I think listing out the ones I want to read by the end of the year will jinx me. So I hope I read all of the unjinxed and undisclosed books that my heart desires!


Agh I am literally so indecisive, it was so hard to chose. Honestly, I am so proud of all of the work I’ve published in the last year. I already linked some of my favourite reviews up above (they happened to be to fit the prompts, so that worked in my favour). That narrows it down to non-reviews. You know what?? Screw it. I’m picking my top 5.

Recipe For A 5 Star Read // what makes a five star read???

I felt insanely clever while writing this one. Since I have so few five-star reads, it was really interesting to identify what exactly makes a book hit that highest rating. Plus becoming a master recipe maker in the process was pretty cool too.

Let’s Talk Love Triangles // Discussion Post

This one was a combination of discussion post and rant, but I (very humbly) think that adds to the joy of it. The post was a cumulation of a bunch of spurts of inspiration, a bit of passive aggressive energy, and big love triangle thoughts.

Books as Weird Things I’ve Been Told in the Drive Thru

This post is so weird y’all. But I really love it. Got to use bad bookish humor to cope with all those crazy customers.

10 Second Book Reviews // featuring geese

Ah, the continuation of my animal legacy here at Booked Till Midnight. The geese, the geese, the geese. Gotta love them.

Replacing Snakes on YA Book Covers With Milo the Goat // idk what this is

I would like to revise the title of this post. Because I do know what this post is. It is the peak of my existence, comedic gold, and the height of my blogging career. Milo supremacy.

My god, this post took so long to write. My fingers are literally numb from typing. I guess that calls for a popcorn break.

What are some of your top reads of 2021?? Which ones made you cry?? Are you on track with your goal???


17 thoughts on “Mid Year Freakout Tag!! // eh time

  1. wow congrats on reading so many books! it’s great that you’ve liked most of the books you’ve read too. & omg Heartstopper has been on my tbr for wayyyy too long and fingers crossed 2021 is finally the year i read it 🤧 i’ve never read a graphic novel before so i’m kind of nervous but everyone seems to love it so hopefully i do too!


    1. ahh thank you!! yess i’m so happy about it!! ahhh i hope you’ll love it as much as i did when you finally decide to pick it up!! truly, the wholesomeness of those books are unparalleled. yea graphic novels aren’t really my thing, but the way oseman crafts such realistic characters will totally ease any graphic novel doubts you have!!!


  2. Wow you’re read so so much! 3.8 is a great average rating and I’m glad you’ve gotten such a good grasp of your reading tastes! I really enjoyed Perfect on Paper too!
    yes heartstopper is so good and I am glad you liked it!


  3. ahh congratulations on being so ahead of your challenge! perfect on paper and heartstopper are both the best, and i’m so glad both of us loved them!! i’m also currently reading my ARC of love and other natural disasters, (and loving it), so i hope you do too! also omg milo supremacy!! where is our milo merch?? i need it n o w


  4. 32 books ahead of goal how in the–
    Okay but way too many of the books you talk about positively are ones I actually own (like perfect on paper, off the record, and not my problem) so if I slide into your DMs screaming…don’t mind me lol!
    Lovely post April, this was tons of fun to read ❤


  5. ahh wow honestly april the amount of books you can read is incredible, congrats on being ahead of your reading goal! and haha nope i’m not surprised to see perfect on paper and namesake here, both are also very high on my tbr!! have a lovely second half of 2021 <33


    1. thank you so much!! haha both are top reads of the year for me (which is why i don’t shut up about them lol) so i hope you’ll love them both once you get to them!! i will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts!! ahh thank you, all the best for the second half of 2021 to you as well ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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