New Project in the Works // *drumroll please*

Oy! How are we feeling on this charmed Thursday??

Soo very exciting business in the works! Rachel @ A Bookworm’s Paradise had this spark of brilliance to do a short series where we read popular books and determine whether or not they are worth the hype! We have already chosen four lovely (at least I hope…) titles to read in the next month or so. 

HA! Did you think I was going to tell you what they were?? Nope. Why, you ask? ~Suspense~ *cue evil laughter*

Anywayyy if you would be so kind to suggest more titles for this project that you would like to see on our self created hype-o-meter, we would be forever indebted. I’ll include the link here as well as at the bottom of the post for you to leave your suggestions!!

Ok team, now that we have the request to suggest bit out of the way (ayy that kind of rhymes), let’s break down the details. The objective is simple: identify which books are worth the hype. As I mentioned above, we have already picked out four to read and are hoping that all you lovely people will help pick two more. 

Once we have narrowed down the list to the very shiny number 6, we will commence reading. The series will be six weeks long (one week per bookish showdown) and each week we will be posting one Book Title vs. the Hype-o-Meter. 

Rachel and I will be reading the books together (yay for buddy reading!), collaborating on the posts, as well as each posting half of the post on each of our blogs. We will make sure to link everything, so be sure to check out both halves of the posts! 

For more details and information, be sure to take a yonder over to Rachel’s blog for a quick Q/A

And before you go if you could suggest a popular book for us to read (only YA please!!), thanks a million : )

What books do you think are worth the hype?? Are there any you’d like to see us rate??


31 thoughts on “New Project in the Works // *drumroll please*

    1. omg SoC is one of my literal faves. it’s a bit confusing if you don’t read SaB first (um i might have acccidently done this????) but the characters??? i mean if tramatized and morally grey characters are your thing, you’ll probs love them. plus heist?? and found family??? idk everything about it, i love it!!! but then again, that’s just me.


  1. This sounds so fun! I wish I could know the titles of what you and Rachel are going to read but since you are so evil I can’t *audible sigh*. I would say maybe books like Sarah J Maas, or Cassandra Clare. I haven’t read any Cassandra Clare books but I heard all her books are very famous!


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