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September Wrap Up // ayyy it’s offically spooky season

I want to know who approved the new WordPress update. Seriously. Who do I need to duel after this horrible new update???? There are so many little things about it that irk me, but the cherry on top of my anger has got the be the new image formatting. WHY ARE THEY DISGUSTING RECTANGLES?????? I mean, nothing against rectangles, but the photos are not rectangles when I put them in, so why are they being smooshed and blended into oblivion??? The book covers are all gross and distorted and I don’t know how to fix it argggg. (Also the title of posts being of center???? Just whyyyyyyy)

Anyhow. September, eh? Somehow it felt long and short, smooshed and drawn out all in one glorious monthly bubble. A lot has happened, most of it good. Plus! Another solid reading month for April! Let’s hop right in.

5 🌟 Heartstopper Volumes 1-4 by Alice Oseman (reread)

i love these books with my whole heart

2 🌟 Margot Mertz Takes It Down by Carrie McCrossen and Ian McWethy (eARC)

scratched the surface of what it could have been

3.5 🌟 We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal (buddy read)


3 🌟 Mooncakes by Suzanne Walker

love the witchy vibes!

4 🌟 Cheer Up: Love and Pompoms by Crystal Frasier

quick and fun to read

4 🌟 The Other Merlin by Robyn Schneider (eARC)

banter for dayssss

4 🌟 The Lucky List by Rachael Lippincott (buddy read)

when i tell you i was SOBBING

4 🌟 The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (buddy read)

i don’t know what was injected into the pages of this book, but my god, it was addicting 

2 🌟 The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

the only semi-enjoyable part of this experience was marking it as read on goodreads

4 🌟 Not Here to Be Liked by Michelle Quach

the beginning of chapter 26 will never not be funny

4 🌟 People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

these two invented pining 

4 🌟 The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

 “you’re a living, breathing, rom-com trope machine” HA facts

4 🌟 The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun

this… this was brilliant

3 🌟 The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


I don’t know why this is just clicking for me, but these last few months are the first time where I’ve had to manage in person school full-time as well as a blog. Like, I’ve felt so bad for not being able to spend as much time blogging, commenting, and just doing all of those bloggy things, but like, I’m also comparing myself to a time where I basically had no homework, online school, and all open notes for tests.

Those two situations are hardly comparible. In the next months I’m going to work on re-evaluating my mindset towards my blogging schedule. I’m probally never (at least in the short term) going to get back to the three times a week posting schedule I had going on before. But I’m going to have to learn to be ok with that. Instead, I’m going to be scheduling posts more and making my goal one post for week. I think that will be more manageable with my school schedule.

But yeah. For this month, I wrote three posts. Two in collaboration with the lovely Rachel @ A Bookworm’s Paradice and one ARC review!

The Hype-O-Meter is back for the second showdown of this series. The next contestant? We Hunt the Flame. Was it worth the hype? Find out in my post (found here!) and Rachel’s (found here)!

Fall fantasy season has finally arrived! And The Other Merlin was the perfect combonation of fun and fantastical to kick the season off with!

Cue the dramatic showdown music because the Hype-O-Meter is back for part three! This time against The Inheritance Games. Does it measure up? Find out in my post (found here!) and in Rachel’s post (found here!)

As per usual, there is so much amazing bookish content being created everyday within the blogosphere. Soo you know what time it is! It is impossible to shoutout them all, but for now let’s highlight some of my favourites of the month and take a moment to appreciate all of these lovely bloggers!

Y’all!!! Cherelle @ Bolt Out of the Book is a MCU fan and she brought some RECS in her post If You Liked That Marvel Movie, Read This Book! I have never seen a better way to convince me to add something to my tbr faster. It’s like the combination of both of my nerdy obsessions in a single blog post and it is brilliant.

Ok so. I enjoyed The Hawthorne Legacy. Mostly. But! Sam @ Literary Delirium does a much better job articulating some of her gripes with it, many of which I agree with in her review. Also, I have to agree with the whole accent thing, truly, I see the characters in a whole different light now. So thanks for that haha

Fall is the season for dark academia books. That is just a fact. Lucky for all of us, Jayati @ Just a Coffee Addicted Bibliophile brought 7 Dark Adacemia Books to Read This Fall. I placed holds on quite a few of them and cannot wait to dive in!!

If I wasn’t hyped for the release of The Night When No One Had Sex before reading this review, I most certainly am now! It sounds like such an honest portrayal of teenhood (idk what is the right word for it???) and Birdie’s review only makes me more excited to get my hands on it!!!

As a fellow mood reader, I found Maria @ The Character Study’s discussion about Being a Mood Reader to be both intresting and very relatable!

I love Rachel @ A Bookworm’s Paradice’s posts where she compares books to real life moments. They are seriously so funny and so creative. Her most recent addition, We Hunt the Flame Quotes As Real Life Moments was no excpetion and is most certainly worth the read!

Sabrina @ Wordy and Whimsical shares Six Bookish Worries and the part about readathons?? Ha, literally same.

Stoppp Jessica @ The Awkward Book Blogger’s post Replacing weapons on book covers with food has no right ebing as funny as it is. When I tell you I was CACKLING—

Lots of things happened in September. Lets just ignore the fact that the previous sentence is as bland and vague as bland and vague can possibly be. It is true, even with the bland-ass sentence.

  • Starting off strong, I was in the fall play at my high school. All and all it was a pretty short experience, but still a fun one. Up next we have Comedy Sportz season (which is bascially improv comedy and sheer chaos) so I’m excited to get going with that. My team is going to be SO GOOD and I just know we will all have such a blast.
  • School has been going. We are now almost two months in and luckily, it has gotten so much better. Being online for the vast majoirty of last year definetely desensitised me to some of the challenges and time commitments of certain classes, but I have finally found my groove so yay for that.
  • Early this week will be the release date of the first issue of the newspaper. I’ve had stuff published in there before, but the fact that we are getting a paper copy is still so cool to me. Like, I’ll be able to physically hold the words I’ve spent the last month pouring my soul into???? Absolutly wild.
  • Some friends from my gym class and I have formed a book club. I mean, normally gym sucks (you know, running and everything but a whole group of us has found the common intrest of books. We have a reading spreadsheet and already planned multiple book club outings to bookstores and to cafes to discuss our monthy book (which is Circe this month).

But yeah, those are basically the big things. Here is to hoping for another great month this October!

How was your October? What was your favorite read this month???

22 thoughts on “September Wrap Up // ayyy it’s offically spooky season

  1. APRIL OMG thank you so much for including my review 😭 I don’t know why jlb decided to go with Texan accents honestly 😔🤚 congratulations on a really good reading month !! also for real, how does an entire group of people forget a whole person dear god 🏃‍♀️


  2. l o v e d this wrap up (I love all your wrap ups). I honestly didn’t really notice the update? All I noticed was that the words are spaced farther apart when you’re editing posts.
    Haha I’m guessing Catcher in the Rye was a school read? I read it last year and it was certainly…interesting. Honestly, the story wasn’t too bad in my opinion, but you know it was one of the older books, so there’s stuff like homophobia which is not cool.
    And honestly it’s so true keeping a blog while having school is really crazy, I’ve had NO time to write posts during the week (and honestly not a lot of motivation during the weekend either) so just write when you want to, no pressure at all to do it! School is annoying.
    Your list of posts you enjoyed is making me realize I should follow more blogs because I try to keep it to around 20 and it means I miss out on so many posts!!! Plus, what’s the point of keeping it so low?


    1. ahhh thank you!!! come from the queen of wrapups herself, that is much appriected lol. yea that’s true, it is mostly the title and image formatting that is bugging me eek.

      yup. you most certainly guessed correctly. like it was fine. but holden was SO WHINEY AND ANGSTY FOR NO REASON like whhyyyyyy. yeah and then there is the downright offensive stuff because it’s old. safe to say i did not vibe with that book like at all :/

      sucks that you haven’t had much time to blog either, but i’m glad to know i’m not the only one in that boat. it is honestly a lot, and you are totally right i only write when i feel it. which makes it better but also i feel like i’m not posting enough so like ~stress~

      WHAT??? 20??? I— HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???? don’t mind me, just casually shook rn. yesss there are so many fab bloggers you should check out and give a follow!!


  3. I totally forgot that The Hawthorne Legacy released. I feel like I haven’t been paying attention much to the book world. Also, I completely understand what you’re saying about balancing school and blogging for the first time in a long time. I had the entire year online, and I basically had no homework, so I spent a bunch of time blogging and posting multiple times a week. And now, I haven’t posted in a month because I’ve had so much homework (but I’m posting tomorrow!). Great post, April!


    1. ha i figured it out like wayyyy later and was like welp, maybe it’s time to read it ig. literally same. it is so different being back, will probs take some time to adjust. omg i read your recent post and loved it!! i hope both of us can find a way to balance things and keep posting!! thank you so much and happy reading : )

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahh Hawthorne Legacy!! I have it lying around but I’m delaying it because my exams are going on. I really want to read it in peace😭 Great wrap up April!!❤❤


  5. I’m glad to see you had a mostly good reading month overall and yay for bookclub?? also I’m glad you getting into the groove for school 🙂

    Thanks for sharing my post and I hope you enjoy the books from the list you pick up!


  6. I’m planning on reread Mooncakes this month, as I also loved the witchy vibes ✨ I really enjoyed The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, so I have to read The Inheritance Games as well! I hope you’re having a good October 😊


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