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Comparing books to punctuation // help the ap stylebook has infected my brain

Oy! Greeting blogging friends!

Today marks the seventh day of spring break, and the seventh day of me sleeping until, like, one p.m. after staying up until ungodly hours of the morning doing who knows what. It is a very productive cycle that is absolutely guaranteed to screw over my sleep schedule once school starts back up again, but you know what? That is a problem for another day. 

With these late hours of the night where my mind is too full of thoughts and my veins are pumped too full of iced tea, comes some of my trademark weird ideas. This time, combining two inexplicably nerdy sides of myself by doing a punctuation and bookish rec/comparison/i-don’t-even-know-what-to-call-it sorta thing. 

Yeah, also, I’m blaming this on the fact that I tried to study out of a stylebook past midnight. That can never end well. (Sidenote: the book uses the words “alphabet soup” and I have never felt so alive wow what a remarkable sight.)

These Violent Delights gives so much semicolon energy, I cannot even begin to explain it.

The prose is richly vivid in a way that feels chunky at first, but slowly enraptures your entire essence as you read on. It feels sophisticated in a way that makes you want to put your intellectual hat on while experiencing some of the greatest, monster madness filled, knife wielding, escapist YA fantasy. 

I mean, we all know that semicolons are the sophisticated people’s way of showing off their vast punctuation knowledge and flexing it on everyone, so it makes sense to pair it with writing as lush as Gong’s.

What a dramatic little shit. And I say that with affection.

Ellipsis is the most dramatic of punctuation, Wyatt is the most dramatic of YA characters, literally ever. The comparison basically makes itself. 

Quach knows the story she is trying to tell and absolutely goes for it. Period. 

With a fabulous story filled with friendship, messages of intersectional feminism, and god-tier character development — seriously, Eliza might be one of my favorite main characters of 2021 — Not Here to Be Liked nails it in every regard. 

(Also. Bonus points for the fact that the main characters make men uncomfortable by mentioning period products. Iconic move on the parts of all involved in that little scheme. Not the reason I initially chose to make this comparison, but it is too perfect not to point out hah.)

She Gets the Girl oozes joy, enthusiasm, makes me chuckle appreciatively at oh-so-many points. It is, at its heart, a romcom that feels like it was crafted with love. Which, given how the authors are a couple who met in college themselves, it kinda makes sense how it worked out that way. 

If I was held at knifepoint and asked specifically to specify which elements are the most exclamation-esque, I would probably narrow the field down to the banter. Sharp and witty at every turn, it totally adds a pop of !!! to the story. 

Out APRIL 5TH!! For more info, feel free to check out my review here!

The writing in this book literally makes me want to go onto Pinterest for inspo, pick out some terrible cursive font that gives the same energy as a third grade teacher’s handwriting on a whiteboard, slap it on a terrible chevron backdrop that clashes with literally everything, and frame on my wall with appreciation. There are a lot of really pretty words y’all. 

I believe I put it a touch more eloquently in my review: “Everytime I read Saft’s work it reminds me of why I love words so much. Everything about A Far Wilder Magic is so painstakingly crafted and alive that it makes my story-loving heart want to cry.”

Yep, I’d say it’s all pretty quote-worthy stuff.  

Cool. So I think I’ve my nerdy quota for the day geeking out over books and punctuation. Though I didn’t get to use the true punctuational queen of my heart — em dashes. Maybe I’ll have to do a part two to satisfy that need.

What is your favorite type of punctuation? Why is it your favorite?? Have you read any of these books? What do you think of them??

9 thoughts on “Comparing books to punctuation // help the ap stylebook has infected my brain

  1. omg april i love this?? the tvd with semicolon pairing makes a lot of sense. oh and em dashes are my emotional support punctuation, my one true love, so i’d very much like to see them in a part 2 👀
    (also guess what else today marks 😏)

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  2. woww i love this post! it’s so creative ahh, TVD really gives off ~semi colon~ energy, agreed ❤ and i'm even more hyped to read 'a far wilder magic' now!


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