Jade City vs. the hype-o-meter // sigh

Oy! Long time no see!! … Or is it more like long time no type??? Long time so see type?? I don’t know sigh. Point is: hi again!

Besides my little scheduled blog tour post last week (which i still think is the coolest thing ever, in the nerdiest way possible lol), I have not been around much. Fully blaming that on the hellish two months school has brought on, but hey! Tuesday marks the first day of summer so I will finally be free from school’s spiky, academic clutches! Goooooo me!

With summer kicking off, I’m excited to hole up inside (or maybe on my back deck if im feeling fancy) and get back to reading and blogging. It has been too long and I’m itching for some good ole escapism in the form of YA contemporary.

But for now! We have some good ole escapism in the form of the epic fantasy, Jade City by Fonda Lee, fully evaluated and reviewed with my good friend Rachel and our trusty creation: the hype-o-meter.

Book: Jade City

Author: Fonda Lee

I’m so very tired. Not just from a busy week with the newspaper or finals or anything like that. Frankly, reading this book just exhausted me.

It’s chunky, I’ll admit that. I knew it was a chunky fantasy when I started. I knew, especially in the summer, that I am a contemporary girl at heart. I knew, I knew, I knew.

But still! The sweet allure of an epic fantasy that was hyped a ridiculous amount on the Twitter convinced Rachel and I that this was the perfect end to our hype-o-meter series era. My oh my were we wrong.

I think my biggest gripe with this one is just how slow it feels. It feels so dense that wading through it became very tiresome. Toss in a plot(?) that is just as slow with little motivation to do anything other than nap and you’re just going to end up screwed in the end.

Perhaps if I had become more invested in the characters, maybe if I was a little less exhausted, maybe if I could have gotten to the big scenes at the end sooner, maybe I would have liked it more. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe.

But those are all hypotheticals and unfortunately the best comparison Rachel and I could come up with to describe the reading experience was dragging-an-abnormally-large-elephant-while-wading-through-molasses levels of slow.

There’s an audience for this book out there (as evidenced by the level of hype), but it’s not me.

Given the above statements, I’m sure it is absolutely shocking to everyone that Jade City is going to fall into the nay category for me.

Welp. That’s all folks. The great hype-o-meter saga has finally come to an end, a couple months short of a year later. I’ve had great fun collaborating with Rachel these last few months, and even more fun screaming with her about literally anything under the sun. Thank you Rachel for being my blogging bestie and to the rest of y’all, go check out her blog because she has one of the freshest voices on the blogosphere — seriously, you don’t want to miss out!

Have any of y’all read Jade City? What did you think? Also! Do you have any summer plans??


4 thoughts on “Jade City vs. the hype-o-meter // sigh

  1. Okay now I’m definitely wary of this book.(I was at 42% after rachel’s post, now I’m at 79%) Sad ig, I was looking forward to this. Anyway, great post🤍 (and thank you for the heads up😁🥲)


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