Tokyo Dreaming Blog Tour // royalty + voice + radishes

Good day peoples of the universe!

It is I, April, and I am reporting live from summer vacation. Sarcastic girl summer is in full swing; beach days are beaching, sun is burning, and most important naps are napping. It’s a full slay moment ngl.

Even with the summery free time, I am faced with a horrible predictament: procrastination. Which is why I am once again down to the midnight-esque wire (fitting given the name of my blog tbh) and writing my review of Toyko Dreaming by Emiko Jean!

Biggest thanks to the publisher for reaching out to me with an eARC and an invitation to be on the blog tour!

Okey doke. Review time.

First thing first, I loved this books predecessor. Honestly one of my top contemporaries of the year, with dazzling voice and all sorts of royal drama that I vibe with so hard. It’s just so good (so good! so good!).

When it came to that same sort of voice, Tokyo Dreaming delivered as well. From the very first chapter, I fell into the rhythm of Jean and her lovely sense of humor. The first person made for an even more fun version of events (what can I say, I’m a first person girlie) and kept things fresh.

I also find that obscene amounts of pop culture references aren’t normally my vibe (*she says as if she is not an avid overuser of cringey pop culture references and a walking TikTok sound replicator*), so I was also really glad the voice wasn’t super reliant on that. It felt modern and fresh with some references and indicators of the time, but I don’t think it is one of those that I’ll look back with in a couple years and go oh wow, that is like,,, so 2022.*

*really had to resist the urge to make a 22 by Taylor Swift joke there. Will be rewarding my self restraint with this fun little astrick moment

In addtion to the fresh voice, I really liked the continuation of the relationship and how the characters worked through issues throughout the book. As long as we can ignore the physical ick the pet name “radish” gave me, then totally approved.

All and all, Tokyo Dreaming delivered on the character development, the drama, and the voice. It was fun and summery in the best way possible, truly a strong contendor for a nice beach read.

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