Oy! I’m April (she/her). I’m a high school student, night owl, and musical enthusiast. In my humble opinion, books, donuts, and metaphors are the meaning of life.

A quick heads up before we begin, I’m going to be talking to myself by making up questions and answering them. No, I do not talk to myself a lot. Well actually, it depends on how you define “a lot.” Anyway… let’s hop right in.

Tell us about you. I’ll give y’all the bullet points of my life. My caffeinated beverage of choice is iced tea. I am in high school. Life goals include writing a book and wearing dramatic gowns with hidden daggers underneath. Did I mention I read? Yeah, I do that a lot. My favorite color is green (like Kermit the frog green). Ice cream is my spirit food. I tend to incorporate random song lyrics into everyday conversation (preferably from musicals and in large quantities). Cherry pie is the superior flavor of pie. Alrighty! I think we are now acquainted. It was very nice to meet you!

What genre is your favorite? Hmm… I love all of them so much *internal anguish and general indecisiveness* If I had to chose mystery and thriller would be my favorites. I also like to lighten the mood with a Romance or Contemporary too. Yeah, so that was a big circle of indecision. I like to mix it up *jazz hands*

When will you be posting? I will be posting on the full moon of every month, specifically at 3:13 AM Central Time. To view the post you must drink exactly 4 ounces of spiced pumpkin juice. Then you must howl at the moon like a wolf while doing the robot in slow motion. Ok, that is a touch dramatic. I will be pushing out content on Tuesday and Friday. Or additional days if I happen to be possessed by the ghost of inspiration.

I am reading and reviewing a lot of my stuff in the late hours of the night. I am running on nothing but caffeine and the fumes from the glorious combination of ink on paper. I might sound like a rambling lunatic. I’m just putting that out there. Interpret as you will.

Also, I am not at fault for any late-night blog post-binge reading or reading induced insomnia. I’m going to put that out there too. I hope you decide to stick around! I’d love to chat (read: fangirl) about books with y’all!

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