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Trope-tastc Recs! // Sunshine and Grumpy

WELCOME TO THE WORLD, GLORIOUS COMPUTER OF MINE! She is currently three days old, and luckily it seems like we are avoiding the terrible twos (computer time works differently than human time). Brought to life at 11:26 PM on May 31st, she is a proud Gemini and has a birthstone of emerald. Name is still… Continue reading Trope-tastc Recs! // Sunshine and Grumpy


Bookish and the Beast // Review

I think I need to set a new rule for myself: no starting books after midnight. I assumed that I would be able to exhibit some semblance of self control, seeing how the book in question is a book I’ve already read before but noooooo. I really thought to myself hmm I’ll just read one… Continue reading Bookish and the Beast // Review