Blood Like Magic // ARC Review

Fun fact: guzzling coffee at 10pm might result in one's brain going on hamster wheel of death mode. I can't tell if all my thoughts are now lightning speed, or if I'm wading though murky mind waters at -300 mph. But the coffee is most certainly buzzing. Like a gaggle of bees. Is it gaggle?… Continue reading Blood Like Magic // ARC Review


New Project in the Works // *drumroll please*

Oy! How are we feeling on this charmed Thursday?? Soo very exciting business in the works! Rachel @ A Bookworm's Paradise had this spark of brilliance to do a short series where we read popular books and determine whether or not they are worth the hype! We have already chosen four lovely (at least I… Continue reading New Project in the Works // *drumroll please*


Dear Blogging, thank you // happy one year blog-o-versery to me!!

What do you think, would you classify pancakes as a sort of cake?? I don't know, I kind of see pancakes as cake adjacent. I mean, sure, pancake does have the word "cake" in it, but does that truly classify it as a cake?? If not, then what does classify something as a cake?? The… Continue reading Dear Blogging, thank you // happy one year blog-o-versery to me!!

Monthly Wrap Ups

June Wrap Up // basking in five star glory

Fun fact: June does not in fact have 31 days. And apparently the 31st day didn't just disappear... it never existed!! Who woulda thunk *shrug.* I don't know how I made it this far in life without knowing that, but I'm blaming this mix up on my fuzzy summer brain. Soo reading! June was a… Continue reading June Wrap Up // basking in five star glory


Books as Weird Things I’ve Been Told in the Drive Thru

I am convinced that I do my best thinking at the drive thru. As you lovely folk may or may not know, I work at an ice cream shop during ice cream season. Primarily I work at the drive thru register, taking orders, serving ice cream, and enduring far to many crabby people. Of all… Continue reading Books as Weird Things I’ve Been Told in the Drive Thru

Themed Lists

Queer Coming-of-Age Stories // Recommendations

I love my local library. For one, books. But also the fact that I live so near to the library has helped my love of reading fester. During past summers especially, I would spent the whole day there. Smelling books, reading them, and finding new (and admittedly strange) positions to sit in those really big… Continue reading Queer Coming-of-Age Stories // Recommendations


A Vow So Bold and Deadly // a chaotic review

Do you ever start writing a review and then it sits in your draft folder for months and months and months like a forgotten sock under your bed?? Until one day, you are doing an electronic spring cleaning of sorts (but in summer) and you find the sock once again. Only now it is moldy,… Continue reading A Vow So Bold and Deadly // a chaotic review


Let’s Talk Love Triangles // Discussion

Love triangles, eh? Let’s just say I have a complicated relationship with them. Not as complicated as being in a love triangle, but complicated nonetheless.  So many times they just don’t work for me. Whether it be the incessant whining (looking at you America Singer) or the back and forth who will she chose in… Continue reading Let’s Talk Love Triangles // Discussion