33 Thoughts I Had While Reading Shipped // Review(ish)

oy! long time no see. well not see per say... more like long time no type talk?? idk, it's not as catchy so i'm sticking with the original lol. before we start, fair warning i wrote this intro on my phone. the lack of capitalization is an artisitc CHOICE and i will not be taking… Continue reading 33 Thoughts I Had While Reading Shipped // Review(ish)

Themed Lists

Manifesting Summer-y Weather // recs

The cold and I are not friends. It might just be a me thing, but becoming a human popcile everytime I brave the great outdoors is just a no. Sure, I like hot chocolate. Sure, I like warm blankets. And yes, I know that both of those things are typically associated with cold weather. But… Continue reading Manifesting Summer-y Weather // recs


Stalking Jack the Ripper // Review

I have a theory. When in doubt, start with a line from Shakespeare. I have yet to read a book opening with a line from Shakespeare that I haven't liked (key word is yet...) Maybe I'm just a sucker for Shakespeare, maybe I like the ~drama~ it adds, or maybe all the lyrics from Something… Continue reading Stalking Jack the Ripper // Review