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Which popular books are worth the hype?? // part 2

The hype and I are mortal enemies, ever locked in an internal battle to the deaths.

Ok, that might be a bit dramatic, but my point stands. I always build up this super high expectation for what the book will be, but once I read it I’m disappointed that it didn’t live up to the grandiose that I was imagining. It is the worst feeling (only ripping the dust cover comes close).

A while back I made a part one, which you can find here. All of these are my opinions, so more power to you if you did like some of these! Alright, without further ado, let’s hop right in.

The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue… YES

The key for this one is to expect a slow pace. If you’re coming into this book expecting Avengers level action, you’re not going to get it. If you go into this book expecting the romance of the century, you’re not going to get it. Rather, you get a beautiful journey over hundreds of years, and a discussion about legacy.

The prose is absolutely stunning and the entire premise is so interesting. I definitely cried at the end because, it was just wow wow wow.

Divergent Series… No

Middle school me is going to hate me for this, but no, Divergent is not worth the hype. It is the prime example of another 2012 dystopia created to cater to the teen frenzy going on.

The dystopian setting is absolutely chaotic (not in a good way), I found the characters boring, and villain was just evil for not good reason. And don’t even get me started on Allegiant. Or the movies… *gag*

To Kill a Kingdom… MEH

I personally enjoyed it, but the more I think about it, the less I do. When I first finished I thought it was the holy grail of pirate books, but the more pirate books I read, the more I realize no it really wasn’t. The writing can be at times difficult and the voice between characters is lacking. However, it did start me on my pirate binge, I will be eternally grateful for that.

I feel like To Kill a Kingdom is one of those books that is good (don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it), but not life changing.

Check out my full review here.

Legend Trilogy… YES

Legend isn’t peak dystopia, but the charming dual perspective and the lovable characters more than made up for it. The Legend trilogy is one of my favorite dual perspective series because both of the characters had really unique and authentic voices.

Legend felt really long, but Prodigy and Champion picked things up for sure. Plus the ending of Champion absolutely DESTROYED me.

Renegades Trilogy… MEH

I 10/10 enjoyed Renegades. The ending left me shook and I binge read Archenemies the next day. But Supernova? Supernova is where it went downhill.

I was so disappointed by the Supernova that I wrote a bit of a ranting review on it. Here’s what I originally wrote: The superhero bits were the very definition of cheesy. Ah yes, we got our power from magic stardust. Everyone is a hero! We will all live happily ever after and ride off into the sunset on ET style bikes that Adrian drew yippee. I was not thrilled. You can find my full review here.

The more I think about it, the less rage I feel, so I’m changing my answer to meh instead of a hard no. I liked both Renegades and Archenemies. There were solid books, filled with tropes I adore, characters I would sell my soul to, and superpowers. The only part I didn’t like was the ending, but that shouldn’t deter someone from reading it completely.

The Shadows Between Us… YES

This fast paced read was decked out with a slow build of trust and a fake courtship, but was fun to start to finish. Can Alessandra be a touch annoying at times? Yes, yes she can be. But she is unapologetically bad and a mind trick genius. Overall, an enjoyable read.

Percy Jackson (yes, all of them)… YES

Percy Jackson books were my basically personality in middle school. I was obsessed. Imagine little April’s joy when she discovered the Heroes of Olympus series existed as well. Now I had 10 books to obsess over, not only 5. Reading these books brought me so much joy. I can’t help but look back at them fondly.

Shatter Me Series (original trilogy) … YES

I started to read this for a book club and I couldn’t finish it. The characters were annoying and the writing was even worse. Nope. Over winter break I decided to give it another shot and actually quite enjoyed it.

Ok *deep breath* this series is worth the hype if you stick with it. If you can ignore the absolute chaos that is the writing, the constant pelting of bad similes being thrown at you, and a mediocre book one, then you will like it. I promise, the second book does get better. Getting to it is the trick. 

The Cruel Prince Trilogy… NO

This book honestly was painfully average. Not that it was bad, it just wasn’t great either. Plus, I guessed one of the major plot twists which made the ending a solid eh for me. 

The writing style was so flavorless. It made for a fast paced book, but I never got to savor the scenes. Built up moments were rushed through which left me generally disappointed.

This year one of my goals is to steer away from the hype and to focus more on what I want to read. At this point I kind of know what I like, so I’m going to try to stick that more to avoid the disappointment. Not that I’m never going to succumb the hype again (please, I don’t have that kind of self control), but I’m trying to get better at picking things that cater to my reading interests.

What did you think of these reads? Did you like them?

36 thoughts on “Which popular books are worth the hype?? // part 2

  1. I get what you mean about Divergent 😅 There was a time when I loved those books, and honestly they’re still a guilty pleasure, as is Twilight. I’m surprised about The Cruel Prince, I’ve heard it was amazing, and was planning on reading it soon. Great post April 💙

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    1. ahaha yea. there was definitely a time where i was a huge fan… but that time is not anymore. ooh yesss i definitely have a few of those guilty pleasure books myself haha.

      i mean the cruel prince was pretty average in my opinion. i found it to be pretty over hyped (especially the romance) but it won’t go down as a favorite of mine. i hope you’ll like it!!! thank you for reading!!

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  2. The Legend trilogy definitely deserves all that hype, as does The Shadows Between Us 🤩 I too feel like middle school me is going to kill me if I say this, but I have to agree with you about Divergent. Except that I will defend the ending of Allegiant to the day I die — that’s one part of middle school me I’m not willing to betray 😂 Ugh sorry to hear the Folk of the Air trilogy was a letdown for you!! I’ve been waffling about about whether or not I should start the series — the people who love it REALLY love it, and the people who hate it REALLY hate it…. so I’m torn 😅

    Great post April ❤️

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    1. yessss they really do!! haha fair enough, you can’t betray that one last part of middle school you lol. I found it to be really average, but still enjoyed reading it. I’m glad I read it, but it wasn’t life changing. if you do end up reading it my fingers are crossed that you’ll enjoy!!!

      Thank you so much Abby! Happy reading 💙

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  3. Such an interesting post!
    I literally laughed out loud when I read that first sentence hahaaaa.
    It’s so interesting to hear what you think of all these books because I feel like we have similar reading tastes…or if not that, we’ve read a lot of the same books already. In fact, I’ve read all but two of these books (those would be Addie LaRue (which yes I gotta read soon) and Shatter Me). I also read Divergent a while ago and I did enjoy it…I don’t know how much I’d like it anymore but can you please explain to me why people hate the ending so much??? I mean I know and understand what happens but why is everyone so annoyed that she dies?
    Okay but did you really have to ask if Percy Jackson deserves the hype???

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    1. ahaha thanks!! it’s true— the hype let’s me down so often that to cope i envision myself sword fighting it. good times.

      yea i’d agree with that. i think a lot of people were just annoyed by the fact that she died in general. personally, i found the dual perspective to be dull (seriously, four has the personality of a rock). i mainly attributed the split perspective to tris dying because it’s more difficult to kill her off if she is the main perspective. that combined with the fact that the ending wasn’t properly set up in my opinion (like it totally rewound her development arc) made it not my favorite. i think if it was done better, it could have been really good but the way it was dealt with just wasn’t up to snuff.

      APPARENTLY THERE ARE PERCY JACKSON HATERS OUT THERE AND IT UPSETS ME!!!! i somehow ended up on percy jackson hate tiktok and was so confused… like are there really people out there who don’t like it???? idk they mainly said it was too young (which no duh it is middle grade merging into ya you incompetent walruses) but yea

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      1. Hahaaaa.

        Huh, okay. I mean I don’t remember Four’s personality (or anyone’s personality) at all because I was young and didn’t pay attention to that but yeah I can see that. Hmm yeah I mean it can be upsetting to kill off a main character but yeah (I actually asked because there was this book series I wrote a while ago where the main character died at the end and I got this idea from Divergent and then I came onto the bookish community and saw everyones hate for the ending oops haha).

        WHAT HOW COULD THERE BE. Haha the fact that percy jackson hate tiktok is a thing, i–
        oooh, yeah, teens or older who read mg or even ya books and then complain about them being too young and giving them low ratings or hating them really annoys me because…you knew (or should have known) that it was mg? so don’t give it a low rating because of that, you’re not the targeted audience!

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        1. haha fair enough. honestly i do think it can be done well, but divergent wasn’t an example of it in my humble opinion. it just felt too forced. but yea it does get a lot of hate eek

          RIGHT?!? LIKE HOW?????? haha honestly there are so many sides of tiktok it honestly scares me. and how i even ended up on there??? i have no idea…

          YES YES YES!! say it louder for the people in the back!!! like y’all— the book isn’t for you, so of course it’s going to feel young. sit down. it’s totally ok not to enjoy the book, but when people give low ratings because it felt young??? you had to know going in so don’t even.

          unrelated (but kinda sorta not): reading some of the reasons people rate things low on goodreads is such a ride. i mean, there is the good old it felt too young (well yea it’s mg!!!). and you can’t forget the i-didn’t-like-this-one-because-it’s-the-second-book-in-a-series-and-i’m-too-lazy-to-read-book-one. like what??? your giving a book a low rating because it’s the second book in a series and you didn’t want to read the first one??? make it make sense. anywayyy reading them brings me so much anger and joy all at once haha

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          1. Yeah haha it probably can be done well…unfortunately, I don’t think I’m one of those people who can write it well either. Well, in the near future, Phoenix will not be killing off any of her main characters!

            Haha I’ve never been on tiktok but if it’s like any other social media site (okay the only social media I have is goodreads but STILL) then I’m sure there are some VERY weird groups or whatever on there (there’s like…at least 2 online dating groups on goodreads???? i dont know why people thought it was a good idea to make an online dating group on a site designed to track reading??? but okay???)

            Yeahhhhh exactly. If I read a mg book and don’t really know what to think of it I just won’t rate it…but I’m usually nicer about the ratings I give to middle grade books since I know I’m not the target audience anymore (suddenly wondering if I actually should go back and change those ratings for mg books I rated 3 stars…)

            Haha I actually love scrolling through gr reviews and reading the low ones, it’s pretty fun. Ugh I’ve actually never seen the second book in a series low rating, that’s awful. Haha yep.

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            1. haha fair enough. maybe in the not so near then

              *gasp* never??? well that’s pretty accurate, it’s as much as a hellhole as any other social media site. there are so many niches going on (witchtok is my personal favorite haha) and they are all super specific and a bit weird. hold the phone— there are dating groups??? on goodreads???? WHAT?!?! first of all, how do you know about them?? and second of all whyyyyyyy?????

              exactly. i try to think of it based on the quality of the book combined with how much i would’ve liked it back then.

              haha agreed. it’s kinda strange, but whatever lol. some of people’s reasons are just… bad. like how bout we think about our critiques before y’all post it, cause seriously there is no reason to leave a 1 star rating because you didn’t read the first book. that’s literally terrible

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              1. I don’t even HAVE any social media other than goodreads (and, I suppose my blog, I mean I interact with people on here but I dunno if it’d be called social media…). Haha wow witchtok sounds fun. Yes, there are dating groups on goodreads. I know about them because I used to be in a LOT A LOT of goodreads groups, never any dating groups (haha nooooo way) but if you talk to a lot of people on gr you learn a lot of stuff. Plus, you can see what groups people are in on their profiles so you could see the dating groups there. There’s actually a lot more drama on gr than you might think.


                Yeah that sounds awfullll

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  4. April I loved reading this post! Agreed The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue for me lives up to the hype too, and I loved how you pointed out the different kind of expectations which would definitely make its hype-worthiness subjective. I do agree, the Renegades trilogy ending was quite a let down after some incredible build up in the first two books, and I was annoyed that the morally grey aspect was crushed in Supernova… OF COURSE PJO IS WORTH ALL THE HYPE FOR 99.9% of the population… and I’m so happy to hear about the Legend trilogy (or now quartet), I’m such a sucker for books with distinct dual POVs! Lovely post, April! 💕

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    1. yesss!! i’m so glad i read a couple reviews pointing those hype disclaimers out to me because if i would have gone in with an ooooh fantasy mindset, i would have been disappointed too!

      ahhh yes! there was so so so much potential with nova being morally grey and all but it all got thrown away for the happily ever after. i mean there were some cute moments (maybe you could be my nightmare gets me EVERYTIME) but i felt like there was other directions it could have gone that were more fitting

      AHHH YESSS! recently i encountered some pjo haters and i was absolutely shook. those books are my childhood…. like how?!??

      yesss distinct dual perspectives really are the best!! thank you for reading 💙

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  5. I actually liked Divergent, but my interest got a lot watered down when I read Insurgent and Allegiant. Allegiant actually made NO sense. And Percy Jackson!!! I remember burrowing book after book from my friends and yes they are definitely worth the hype!! (At any rate I think I’ve read every book Rick Riordan has written)

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    1. yesss! the first book was my favorite too, but it went downhill from there. Agreed!!! like where is the set up??? she really did destroy her character arc right there!!

      ahhh yesss they really are!! I’m currently rereading the original series hoping to build up to the trials of Apollo (which I haven’t read yet). I wanted to wait until the whole series is out because I have literally ZERO patience haha

      Happy reading!!

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  6. Loved reading your post April! I disagree with you on Divergent though, I loved that series so much, although I have to admit that the ending of the last book let me down. Oh and I remember being obsessed with the Percy Jackson series when I’d read the books. I really need to get to reading Heroes Of Olympus now. And Renegades is also quite high up in my TBR, but now I am a little unenthusiastic, because the last books of any series is what I live for!!


    1. haha fair enough!! I used to love it, but not so much anymore sadly. haha yesss the Percy Jackson phase. I’m currently doing a reread right now because I’ve yet to read the trials of Apollo and am trying to hype myself up!!I enjoyed Renegades as a whole but yea it was mega disappointing when the last book is a bit of a dud! happy reading Rachel!

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  7. I totally agree with Divergent not deserving the hype and The Shadows Between Us deserving it. I mildly disagree with The Cruel Prince, I was actually afraid to start it and I was surprised to enjoy it as much as I did (I still haven’t read The Queen of Nothing though). It’s so funny how the same books can represent such distinct reading experiences. Great post!


  8. okay pjo is 100% worth the hype, and this is the part where i scream because i don’t have my copy of addie larue yet!!! i loathed divergent, and while so many people loved it, i just didn’t get the hype!! i did read it a long time ago, though, so maybe i’ll like it now?? i loved reading this post!! 💖💖

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    1. yes yes yes!!!

      ahhhhhh i hope you’ll be able to read it soon! all the hype is totally worth it because that book destroyed me!!!

      yea divergent was just no for me. the dystopian was just no and the characters were literally cardboard cut outs of basic ya protagonist

      thank you so much 💙

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  9. Loving this concept, April! I definitely agree with Shatter me, I really don’t get why it gets so much hate, lol! But I have to bring up my unpopular opinion and say that I disagree with Addie Larue, I gave that one only one star…nevertheless, this was such a fun post to read!

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    1. I will admit, the first time I picked it up I dnf. I was so unprepared for the sheer chaos of the writing and wasn’t in the right mindset to read it. but once I leveled my expectations and tried again I binge read the whole series over break and enjoyed it all! I mean it’s basically x-men meets dystopia— what’s not to love!!! oh no! I’m sorry you didn’t like Addie LaRue!! thank you for reading!!!


  10. Divergent is a big No No. God I could feel myself get annoyed just thinking about the ending, and the movies yikes! The Cruel Prince originally was a meh for me, but then I kept thinking back on it and other than Jude and Cardan I literally cannot remember the plot…

    PJO is timeless one of my favs!

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