Let’s Talk Spoilers // discussion

I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my soul, that y’all have never had the absolute horrendous experience of being spoiled for a book you were so unbelievably hyped for.

It sucks. It really does. Let’s just say there was a lot of teenage angst going on, a temporary self ban from book Twitter, some tears, and a late night rambling of thoughts and feelings that eventually became this post. I’m telling you nothing fuels my keyboard fingers faster than pure unbridled pain in the form of spoilers.

I talked to Phoenix @ Books With Wings about this idea and we decided to co-write another discussion post! Yay us!

Well last time we collab-ed on a discussion post (we dove right into retellings, feel free to check it out here and here!) we started with a definition. And we concluded that we have the definition-writing-skills of a walnut. But did that stop us from writing an entire post about the meaning of spoilers? No. No it did not. So bear with us as we break down spoilers and all of their gory details.

We have split up this post into two parts. Phoenix has posted 1/2 on her blog and I have included the other half right here. I mean technically they can be read on their own but everything is better together. Ew that’s my single piece of cliché cheesiness for the day. But in all seriousness, do take a yonder to both posts. It took a hot second and boatload of emails (quite a few featuring Shadow and Bone ramblings eek) and a sprinkle of chaos but I know that we’re both excited with how it turned out. Let’s hop right in!

I think that you need to know at least a little bit about the book for reading, so I’d answer no for this question. Things like the genre, character names and inciting incidents are not spoilers for me because I need to know these things to decide if I want to pick up the book or not! But beyond that, I guess it depends on what qualifies. For me, there is a fine line of the information I want to know vs too much information. Tell me you haven’t picked up a book because of a specific line or moment that you knew about before hand (looking at you Shatter Me series). The little details about the book are often what cause me to pick it up, rather than the actual summary and whatnot. So I guess you don’t have to do a straight up cold read to avoid spoilers. Yep. Final answer. 

April: I mean technically no. But I personally have stopped reading Goodreads summaries before picking up a book because I don’t like knowing that much information before hand. And they annoy me. So many times, I’ll read a book and think the pacing is way off because the aforementioned events in the summary don’t happen until 100 pages in. It’s probably not an official spoiler, but it definitely can affect my enjoyment of the book

I mean, when I read Serpent and Dove I knew Lou and Reid we’re going to end up married. Which is fine, I’m all for the forced marriage trope, so I was excited to read it. But it threw the pacing off for me. I was waiting for the first two hours (I listened to the audiobook) for this ~event~ to happen and negatively impacted how I saw the book. 

This, combined with many other reading experiences, caused me to stop reading the summaries all together. I hear a trope I like, I’ll read it. If it’s by an author I like, I’ll read it. If I hear the words pirate, dragon, or witch, I will read it. And above all, if it is recommended in a review by a trusted reviewer, I will read it. I put a lot, a lot, a lot of trust in reviewers so then I never have to encounter the summaries and any unwanted details that will throw the pacing out of whack. 

Ok the more I ramble on the more I realize that I like to be pretty close to a cold read. Just me, my cozy reading nook, and some vague knowledge of tropes with a glowing recommendation is all I need. 

Phoenix: I think that the above is really interesting because I basically always read the summaries on Goodreads–I need to know what I’m getting into! Honestly, my opinion is that if it’s in this official summary-thing, it’s probably not a spoiler, though…the things that April mentioned above are extremely true and I have noticed that a few times. I usually don’t care much if there’s an event that doesn’t happen until a little later in the book but is mentioned in a spoiler because if that’s the case, I find that that means the book is really slow up until then, oftentimes, and the thing mentioned in the summary is probably the first big thing that really happened in the book.

But never ever ever ever read summaries for books later in the series, because you WILL get spoiled. I stumbled upon a book that was the second in a series the other day whose summary literally started with, ‘At the end of the last book…’ and I exed out of that tab as fast as possible. 

April: Ugh, I’ve made that mistake far too many times. I always get curious and then I ALWAYS regret it. 

April: One thing that might be a bit different than some people is I don’t consider romance to be a spoiler. Especially if you’re reading a romance book it’s hard not to talk about the romance at all when you’re reviewing. Personally, I’m reading it for the story and the ~journey~ so knowing tropes, who ends up together, and all that jazz doesn’t really bother me.

Honestly the same with romance in any genre. I really don’t mind if I know who ends up together or if they have a certain cute moment or what tropes there are because most likely, those little details will cause me to pick up a book. Sometimes I’m in it just for the romance. There. I said it. 

Phoenix: I also personally don’t believe that romance is a spoiler but probably for the opposite reason–I usually just don’t care about the romance. To me, romance is a sub plot most of the time and it just doesn’t matter much if I know who ends up with who because it doesn’t really affect the plot overall. 

And thus concludes my half of the questions! If you want to hear more about all that spoiler jazz, you can find Phoenix’s half of the post here!

I was planning to write some eloquent sort of wrap up that ties together all these thoughts into a pretty little bow. That did not happen. Instead, I will leave you with this charming note that I left for myself that both fits my morning mood and seems like a solid end point: APRIL, GIRL, WRITE A CONCLUSION, WRAP THINGS UP, AND MAKE IT PRETTY DARN IT.

Yep, that is my pretty ending. So… spoilers! *said with jazz hands*

What do you see as a spoiler? What information do you like to know before hopping into a book?? Do you like to read the summaries before picking up a book??


34 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Spoilers // discussion

  1. Spoilers are the bane of my life. I bet I’m just too stupidly curious but I click on the reveal spoiler tag when I’m reading goodreads reviews anyway can someone prescribe me a medicine for that??? I guess I don’t mind spoilers but they do ruin my reading experience, just a little😁


  2. I’d like to point out to anyone reading the comments here that the last half of that boatload of emails was just us rambling about Shadow and Bone but let’s not let that spoil (no pun intended, until I realized it was a pun, so now it is pun fully intended) your opinion of our work ethic…we actually DID write a whole lot of emails…
    Okay I’m going to shut up now. Who really reads comments?
    (Sometimes I read the comments of other people’s blog posts)
    Anyways YAY WE DID IT.

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    1. ahaha facts tho. the pun that’s not a pun that totally is a pun >>>
      we most certainly did. most were wildly off topic but it’s all good. someone had to lead the revolt in the name of milo and why not be the organizers
      (i too sometimes do this, i promise i’m not creepy, just curious)
      YEA WE DID

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      1. Right, when you think of something and THEN realize it’s a pun and then of course you just NEED to put it in there.
        Haha yes Milo needs defending…though of course, he’s the one who saved most of the show main characters, not the other way around.

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          1. Ready, ready, I’m getting deep here: (IF ANYONES READING THE COMMENTS AND HASNT WATCHED SHADOW AND BONE, SHIELD YOUR EYES)(sorry, just thought I should give the spoiler alert, seems sorta inappropriate not to on this post)
            If Milo had not saved the crows by calming down Jesper in the fold, the crows would have not made it to Ravka and therefore would not have had that carriage ready for Alina to climb into which means of course she might have found another way to escape, but most likely the Darkling would have found her at that time which would have put her at his mercy for more time and also she would not be able to reunite with Mal, which means…okay, I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore.

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  3. Okay, you don’t care about the romance!? How I mean how 😂😱😭. Also wonderful discussion, I especially related to the goodreads summary part, sometimes you come across stuff and wish you hadn’t known that! Wonderful discussion guys!!


    1. i mean personally i am always wayyy to invested in the romance, but everyone enjoys books for different reasons soo! ugh, i’m glad we are not alone in our dislike towards goodreads summaries! always too much information, seriously goodreads just needs to chill it’s biscuit. thank you so much!!!

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  4. Great discussion! I recently read a book that I went in blind and actually enjoyed but but after finishing when I rad synopsis, what I felt surprise in book instantly vanished because it was already there mentioned in synopsis. So it was like oh what I felt good twist and turns weren’t actually like that. But At the same time I feel it would be a bit risky buying books without even reading synopsis. I also think romance is not exactly a spoiler and any one would like to know if there was any or not based on their preference.


    1. thank you so much! yes! i feel like that happens to me all the time! luckily if i get cold reads from the library it’s not a big deal, but i try to be a bit more informed on what the book is before byuing it. yes, exactly! it is something that greatly changes the reading experience, at least it does for me, so i like to know before hand!! thank you so much for reading : )

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  5. i actually did get spoilers for a few books including crooked kingdom which really sucks. also the summary in serpent and dove had a huge spoiler in it :(( kinda wish people would use more spoiler warnings though i mean it doesn’t even take long 😭 great post <33

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      ugh i’m so sorry you got spoiled, that’s literally awful. people really do need to be more mindful with spoiler tags, truly they only take a moment! yes! i’m glad i was not the only person annoyed with it. like…. i get that it is a big selling point for the book but it totally messed up my perception of it ugh! thank you so much : )

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  6. Ugh spoilers are the very plague of my life 😑 I’ve been spoiling so many books for myself recently and it’s so annoying! I agree, I don’t usually mind romance spoilers, but if its enemies to lovers its so fun to not know 😅 Ugh and summaries are sometimes the worst! I barely read the synopsis of a book anymore, especially since The Wrath and The Dawn that just basically told me everything that happens in the book 😭 Great post! 💙


    1. ugh truly. me too! far too many times i’ll be checking out fanart (while reading, like an absolute noob) and then accidently spoil myself. ooo that’s very true! the problem is, with super hyped books its sooo hard not to know how the enemies-to-lover arc is going to end. oh no! that sucks. i’m making a mental note to avoid that summary in the future!! thank you so much, happy reading : )

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  7. I loved this discussion! My relationship with spoilers depend on the genre. If it is a fantasy I want to know nothing! If it is a contemporary I don’t mind because I like seeing how the relationship develops.

    I accidentally spoiled the ending of this series I was reading like two years ago and I still have not picked up the book 😭.


  8. I agree that summaries aren’t spoilers, and I do generally read them, but I totally agree about having your opinion colored because you’re waiting for the big event from the blurb to just happen already. I agree about romance too! It’s not really a mystery who will end up with who anyway, I’m there for the journey


  9. *Unpopular choice alert*
    Okay, this is weird, but I kind of hunt for spoilers. Not hunt- but read it if it’s there in a review. My usual routine of picking a book is to read the blurb, read the last page, and then decide whether or not to read it. Goodreads is an absolutely necessary part of my reading. I don’t think I would read as many books as I do without Goodreads.


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