Books as Weird Things I’ve Been Told in the Drive Thru // part 2

Fall is the most wonderful time of the year. 

I know, I know, we are almost in November at this point, so my ramblings about the many charms of fall need to come to an end at some point. And I swear, they will. Probably. Maybe. At some point. To be decided?

It is just vibey in a way that I can’t explain. We have the just-right crispy fall air, sweater weather, and of course good ole spooky season. But do you know what is sad about fall? The fact that it is ice cream season no longer : (

As y’all may or may not know, I work at an ice cream store during ice cream season. As of a couple weeks from now, ice cream season will be coming to an end. Sad, I know. So in mini-goodbye of sorts, I wanted to do part two of my Books as Weird Things I’ve Been Told in the Drive Thru! Lets hop right in. 

Sorry, this is my zombie card

Man deadass hands me a card that looks like it was the midday snack of a pterodactyl. Seriously. Half of it looked bitten off. I must have had a strange look when this customer handed it to me because he was quick to assume me, “No it should work just fine, the chip is still there. Sorry it looks kind of weird, this is my zombie card.” 

Ok then…???

Now zombies and vampires are not the same thing by any stretch of the imagination, but they are both undead to some extent. And I’ve never really read a zombie book, so vampires are going to have to work.

Hearing about all of the sparkly vampires has emotionally scarred me from even reading a vampire book, at least until The Coldest Touch entered my life. Truly, a sapphic vampire story of dreams. Such a fun one, especially for the spooky season. Be sure to add it to your TBR and be hyped for its release on December 7th!

The woman who casually stuck her tounge down her dog’s throat  

Do people think that I can’t see them when they roll up their car windows? Like, you do know that windows are inherently transparent????? I can see you while you stick out your tongue and give your dog wet tongue kisses. 

It is something that I would pay good money to erase from my memory. I am emotionally scarred.

While there weren’t doggie kisses in Once Upon a Broken Heart, there was so. much. kissing. Like an aggressive amount. I mean, it is basically the whole plot. So I’d say that is an apple to apple comparison right there. 

Just put the coins in the chicken, please

Sir, what?? The fact that he just casually has a chicken (like a rubber chicken that is hollow???) and then wants me to put the change into it? Innovative coin wallet, I guess?

Now, I can’t say that I’ve had much experience with chickens in young adult books. I have, however, had an experience with chicken blood. Specifically a black Hydroflask filled with it from the opening scene of Cemetery Boys

Like I said, chickens *said with jazz hands.*

Being paid in all dimes

In a shocking turn of events to absolutely no one, this was a gaggle of teenage boys who thought they were hilarious. Spoiler alert: they were not. 

They handed over a whole baggie filled with literal dimes. Keep in mind that their bill was around 15 dollars. So yeah, that is a lot of dimes. A lot of dimes that I got to spend the next ten minutes of my life counting. Good times!

We Hunt the Flame and I struggled in the sense that it was a slow start. Admittedly, it look me longer to get into than it did to count the dimes. But unlike the whole dime snafu, We Hunt the Flame ended up being rewarding in the end. Dimes? Not so much.

The time there was a lot of casual moonwalking going on

This one isn’t strictly a customer interaction and more of an interesting work shift story. So basically the owner of the ice cream shop and one of the employees have a bet on whether or not they can toss the paper towel into the trash and make the basket. The stakes are different each time, but this bet called for the loser to moonwalk around the shop two times.

Welp when the employee lost, my boss started playing music and everyone working started doing the moonwalk. There was definitely a lot of chaotic energy floating around that night, but it was fun nonetheless. 

Though it is undeniable that Skye from I’ll Be The One would have outshined all of our dancing, because that moonwalk was shoddy at best. 

So, yeah. That is the last of my braincells for tonight. Hope you found this as amusing as I did lol.

What is your favorite thing about fall? Have you read any of these books? What did you think?


18 thoughts on “Books as Weird Things I’ve Been Told in the Drive Thru // part 2

  1. You do not know the immense amount of joy seeing this post in my reader caused me! Your posts are always so hilarious and entertaining and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!


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